New York School Of Interior Design

Major: Interior Design

Major: Interior Design


Located in New York, NYSID focuses on interior design. It is located at 170 East 70th street between Lexington and 3rd Ave.

Applying at NYSID

To apply at NYSID you would need your Application, $60 application fee, essay about why you should be accepted, your official transcript, a letter of recommendation, SAT/
ACT scores, portfolio, and a tuition deposit of $350.

Cost of Going to NYSID

The tuition of going to NYSID is about $28,413, Adding everything else including housing, books and supplies, personal living, transportation, and living expenses it would cost about $56,705. There are at least 18 scholarships that my major could get as long as you keep a 3.0 GPA.

Food and Dorms

NYSID has a double room at 97 St. and 3 Ave. for $15,610. They do not have a food plan though so it would be more money to get your food every week.


NYSID does not have offer any sports.

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