Who loves to argue?

If you do then you should consider becoming lawyer!

Don't lawyers do a lot of desk work?

This is true, but not all desk work is boring. If you like a mystery and digging up dirt, then this is just some of the desk work that you may be doing.

What kind of education do you need?

You will need a Doctoral degree and a Professional degree. If you think that is too much schooling, it really isn't that much if you put in the time and effort.

Once I have the degree, what skills and abilities do I need to know?

You need to be able to communicate to others, which means not interrupting, and listening to others. An ability that you need is understanding what other people said. Another ability you need is to be able to communicate by speaking.

It's not all about the skills and education. Your personality plays big role in being a lawyer too.

If you pay attention to detail, you have a good stress tolerance, and integrity, then this defiantly is a job you should consider.

Every job has technology, what kind of technology do I need?

You will need to know the Abacus Data Systems and the Timepro Legal software.

The 2 Questions Everyone wants to Know?

What is the salary? What is the job outlook for this job?

The average salary for being a lawyer is $114,970. The outlook for this job is very likely in the future.