What To Expect

By: La'Shay Russell

First Trimester

There is a lot of growth going on with the baby during. The baby is considered an embryo up until it hits eight weeks. An embryo is an unborn or unhatched offspring in the process of development. Nerve cells form which will become the brain and the nervous system. The first organ that forms is the heart, but the heart is not yet controlled by the brain. When the baby is 6 weeks it is about 1 inch long. The baby has black dots which will become the eyes. The placenta starts to take over for the nutrients the baby gets. The baby also starts stwitching, When a baby is eight weeks it is known as a fetus, which is an unborn offspring of a mammal, more than eight weeks after conception. The mother may experience cravings. She may become very unconfortable. The mother may have morning sickness. The mother has to watch her drug and alchol control when she is pregnant. At this time the mother may be unaware that she is pregnant. her blood volume may increase up to 50%.

Second Trimester

During the second trimester the baby starts to the building blocks for walking by moving their legs and kicking. By this time the baby can bounce around using the walls as a trampoline. The babys liver and all the other organs is developed. The babys brain starts to take control. Bones harden, the hands develope before the feet. The babys eyes grow closeer together and are in correct possition. Also the baby becomes senasative to touch. this is when the baby starts to move a lot. The baby is about seven inches long and is developing individuality. The mother at this time gets bigger or starts to show. The mother is more aware of the baby's movements.

Third Trimester

During the third trimester, the baby can now taste, hear, and feel. The eyelashes start to grow, the color of the eyes may not be fully developed until birth. The baby sleeps approximately sleeps 90% of the time. wheather the baby is right hand or left handed is determined in the womb. The baby develops sucking reflexes. The baby has trippled its weight and doubled its length. The baby can detect if the mother is stress or not. The baby gets hiccups and gain weight fast. The babys brain starts to creates memory. The mother can expect to feel movement. If the mother is stress he blood pressure and heart beat rises. If the mother is calm her blood pressure and heart beat slows down. The mother can feel the baby everyday during this stage. This is the last stage and the mother is expected to give birth at the end of this stage.

Advice for the Father

The Father should know that there are a lot of hormones going around in the mothers body during this time. It is important to create an enviroment that has as little stress as possible. The mother will be gaining weight and will have mood swings, due to the growing organism in her body. It isn't about you anymore, you have another human bean growing inside of a women that you have to take care of.