Tuesday Tidbit #2

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month

"Spotlight on Dyslexia" - Rescheduled

Join us for an engaging experience in the simulated struggles of an individual with dyslexia. We will meet Tuesday, October 20th in the CMS-North Library from 6-7 pm. The following topics will be covered:

  • facts and myths
  • primary and secondary characteristics
  • decoding text
  • reading comprehension
  • writing fluency
  • spelling skills
  • additional resources and support

What is Dyslexia??

Watch this short video for some of the brain research:


How to Teach a Learner with Dyslexia

Try teaching:
  • big picture to small details
  • parts to whole
  • simple to the complex
  • concrete to the abstract
  • visual to the auditory
*Individuals with dyslexia are not incidental learners so help them make and keep connections by explaining how new information fits with what they have already learned.

Try providing:

  • a structured, orderly environment
  • one or two verbal instructions at a time
  • short, simple instructions with few words
  • multi-sensory approach using three pathways of learning: visual, auditory, & tactile
*You may notice the learner with dyslexia appears to not be paying attention, but could be experiencing an auditory overload.

Try giving:

  • time to process
  • time to respond
  • time to complete assignments

*Time is a TRUE gift! With much review and practice at every step of the way, these learners can be successful.