Pay it Forwaod


Pay it forward

Pay it Forward

By:Alexander Gabrielson

The world would be great if everyone PAID IT FORWARD after another when they did something nice to you.I do many nice thing in life like I give things to people.Do you do nice things in life? If someone does something nice to and then you PAY IT FORWARD.

Pay it forward is a thing you should do all the time in life.I do things like saining nice things or doing it.My mom gives a god tip at restronts. If you do it remind how you did it to do it to someone oles. If everyone did a random kinnes guess how better the world would be.

I hope everyone did kindness in the world.If you what to do kinnes you can do it any time you can.You could help out with the house or a friend .A thing I do that is nice is give a hug,help out in the hoses or a family member.You could help out a person that goes to your chers.Pay it Forward is being kind after someone did something nice to you so you do it to someone ales.

Kindness (Pay it Forward)