His Secret Obsession Review - Real!

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Do you ever find your relationship drifting? Perhaps you feel that your partner is no longer interested in you or has become emotionally distant? If these resonate with you and you want to understand your partner better and improve your relationship, you should consider reading James Bauer’s His Secret Obsession. In this His Secret Obsession review, you’ll learn why the secret obsession program might be the key to bringing your relationship to the next level.

His Secret Obsession is useful in helping women gain insight into the psychology of men, their needs and drives and their perspectives on relationships.

What is His Secret Obsession?

His Secret Obsession is a comprehensive online program and book that uses a different perspective in combining the emotional needs and biological drives to describe what men really need in a relationship. When we performed a review of these different factors, we found this book is able to teach women about different actions and phrases they can use to discover their man’s secret fantasies and unlock the potential for a much more passionate relationship.

Who is James Bauer?

James Bauer is a trained psychologist and relationship coach who has worked with both men and women in relationships for over 12 years. His experience in helping men and women to improve their relationship is backed by both his extensive training as well as his own life experiences. His Secret Obsession by James Bauer is for women who want to make their relationships better by understanding more about men and what men secretly want.

Oftentimes males and females may feel that they can never truly understand each other or their needs in a relationship. Bauer’s plethora of experience and education on the topic in conjunction with his personal experiences provides a unique perspective that he gives women a view into in His Secret Obsession.

What is the Male Secret Obsession?

Males have their own secret obsession that isn’t even talked about or known by nearly all males and females. This is because it includes biological drives that live in the subconscious and most people are unaware of. Bauer has coined this obsession “The Hero Instinct”.

Bauer believes that despite love or attracted a male is to his partner. He claims that if the female is unaware of how to trigger the male’s Hero Instinct, the male will ultimately always feel a disconnect and possible even seek it out in another partner. His Secret Obsession describes the Hero Instinct as innate and biologically driven just as hunger, sex or aggression. Bauer wrote His Secret Obsession for females to learn how to trigger the Hero Instinct, thus promoting a more loving relationship and receiving the attention that they desire from their partner.

What are His Secret Obsession Phrases?

In His Secret Obsession, Bauer references a specific case when he discovered a “secret signal” that consists of twelve words that can trigger a male’s hero instinct. Bauer describes a specific case with a client whose partner had become completely cut off and detached from their relationship. She had called him and texted him ad nauseum which made her appear to be needy. She did not hear back from her partner for days before reaching out to Bauer. It was then when he suddenly discovered the “secret signal”. Bauer prompted his client to message her partner “I’ve realized that I won’t be happy without you in my life”. Later that night, he appeared at her doorstep and said to her with conviction: “I’ve realized that I won’t be happy without you in my life”.

The client reported that their relationship immediately changed and that she began to see sides to her partner that she had never seen before. He began to open up to her about deeper topics and their relationship was so much healthier, happier and full of potential.

The Hero Instinct, in simpler terms, is the consistent need of a male to feel needed and irreplaceable. Bauer describes this hidden need as being the driving force behind all male’s thoughts and actions. If he is not getting these needs met in his relationship, he may seek them out in other ways such as his work, hobbies or friends. While there are these other resources for males to get these needs met, Bauer describes that the need can not be satisfied through those actions as they can by a woman. Bauer clarifies in his book that triggering the Hero Instinct may seem as if it is about trying to please the male, but it is actually about giving the male the opportunity to please you. When your partner feels as if he is actively winning you over and earning your love, it feels as if he is falling in love over and over again as if it were the first time.

Bauer points out in his book that women are not at fault for not knowing about or how to trigger the Hero Instinct. It is driven by an innate, biological drive in the subconscious that is out of one’s realm of awareness. It is important to consider that since the Hero Instinct is oftentimes unknown, this is not something that can be figured out on one’s own. Bauer wrote this book in hopes of assisting women to raise their knowledge and level of awareness that they otherwise may have not discovered.

What’s Inside His Secret Obsession?

t’s broken down into a two-part series and 17-different modules, all of which cover every aspect about dating, finding and maintaining a healthy relationship. this program bridges the gap between men and women to eliminate the separation and confusion that many of us experience. It consists of the following signals and phrases that can be used by women to get their man to love them and give them the romance they have never had before.

The Fascination Signal

The Fascination Signal is a way for women to ensure their man that they find him attractive. Bauer states that this can be as simple as giving your partner a compliment or asking them “Have You Been Working Out?” While it isn’t openly spoken about, males have insecurities about their bodies too and this can help boost their confidence and improve the relationship.

The Private Island Signal

The Private Island Signal is described in the book as a verbal expression of love for your partner and can be as simple as the three words: “I love you”. Men may not be known for being able to access the deepest of emotions, but that does not mean that they don’t need the reminder that they are loved. This may be one of the most important signals as it should be used every day.

The Ex-Back Signal

While an old flame may not light quite the same, Bauer has provided a way to get an ex to take you back. By bringing up the positive attributes and boosting their confidence, you can get your ex to come crawling back to you.

The Glimpse Phrase

The Glimpse Phrase is simple- “I want you”. By telling this to your partner, you are helping diminish his insecurities and make him feel wanted in the relationship. Men can sometimes feel as if they are annoying a woman if they are bringing up the topic of love, affection or even sex. By using the Glimpse Phrase, you will be able to make your man feel more wanted as well as more comfortable displaying affection.

The Damsel in Distress Signal

The Damsel in Distress Signal is the best one to implement if you have a partner who might feel jealous of others. By showing your partner that you are theirs, you are helping diminish the feeling of inferiority. By simply saying the phrase “I am yours and only yours”, you can completely change the way that your partner views you and your relationship.

The “I Owe You” Signal

Males need to feel like the alpha dog and as if they are a protector of their partner. By telling your partner “You make me feel safe”, you can make your man feel as if he is good enough and is doing enough in the relationship. This may be difficult for women who are more independent, but it is possible to make your man feel like a protector without making yourself seem unworthy to care for yourself. He probably knows that you are capable of holding your own, but it is always nice to be reminded that you feel safe with him.

The Silent Action Signal

The Silent Action Signal is described in one that is triggered by nonverbal cues. This can be making eye contact across the room, smiling, or having open body language to express attraction to your partner. It is crucial to consider that the Silent Action Signal is a big trigger for the Hero Instinct!

Is The His Secret Obsession Program Right For You?

If you are a woman that is unhappy with your current relationship or even the inability to maintain a relationship- this book is for you. The information provided in this book can be utilized to appeal to your man’s emotional needs and desires to spark change in the relationship.

A Review of The Pros and Cons

The best part of this book is that by learning the key phrases and signals, you can immediately begin to work towards the relationship of your dreams. Not only will this improve the quality of your love life, but it will save you time in trying to figure out what you may have done wrong or even spending too much time in a failing relationship. The only downfall of this program is that it does have underlying tones of manipulation. It does seem to put all of the responsibility on the woman to find out what the male needs.

Wrapping Up on Our His Secret Obsession Review

We hope you enjoyed this His Secret Obsession review. While there has been a note of underlying manipulation in the book and program, it is important to remember that there are still key takeaways that allow you to consider the biological aspects of male behavior and take those into considerations when communicating and interacting with your partner. Personally, when I review the program, I believe that the biological drives are more prominent than research has currently shown and this program promotes a better understanding of the psychology behind relationships and love.