Avalon Eagles Newsletter

February 2021

3 B's of 'Brick' Days

Coming to school in-person during blended learning.

B ring Chromebook to school with charger in backpack (unless teacher instructs your student to do otherwise)

B ring a back-up mask and have your student wear a well fitting mask to come to school

B e up-to-date on regularly scheduled immunizations required to attend school

* Students are NOT required to wear school uniforms during this time of blended learning. *

Check the CCS Parent Portal to find out which cohort your child is in.

Cohort A is Monday & Tuesday

Cohort B is Thursday & Friday

'Click' days (Non-synchronist days) - No new work will be introduced (except for Specials), only review and reinforcement of what was taught during 'brick days.'

The goal is for K-5 students to receive bus transportation.


If blended learning is not an option for your family, please make sure you sign up for Digital Academy.

Eagle Zoom Room

The Eagle Zoom Room is a place where Avalon families can get support and answers to questions or concerns. There will also be an update on how the rollout of blended learning is going in the halls and classrooms at Avalon.

February 24 at noon

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 876 3948 4077



Avalon teachers, staff, and members of the PBIS Team seek to support the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral competence of all students during this time of hybrid learning with supports and opportunities within:

Tier I - Caught Being Good, Classroom Rewards, PBIS Booster Sessions

Tier II - Social Emotional Learning Group, Reading Intervention, English Language Learners

Tier III - Special Education, Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) Meetings, one-on-one meetings with students or parents of students that need individualized support

Grade Level News

Second Grade

Since we came back from break, the second graders have continued to work on using the I.C.E. strategy to break down and solve one and two-step story problems. This strategy will continue to be used throughout the year on all story problems. We have also begun reviewing place value to the hundreds place as well as breaking numbers within 100 to add. This will lead us into understanding how to regroup two and three digit numbers. As always, please practice adding and subtracting at home daily with your child. We have worked on several strategies so far this year to help them to break apart numbers in order to be more efficient when adding and subtracting.

In Science, we began by learning about force and motion. The kids were all excited to observe the experiments Mrs. Fant had planned that dealt with magnets. Some even asked where they could get magnets too! They learned about a magnets force field, magnetism and how magnets can either be attracted to or repel each other.

In Reading we have been learning about what makes a good leader. We have learned about how we can inspire and admire those that are good leaders. We have also talked about the pioneers that have led us into new beginnings. This has fit well with the inauguration at this time. We will continue to learn about good leaders and read stories (fiction and non-fiction) about what that means. We will make connections to how we can be great leaders in our own ways.

To begin the third quarter, we will be learning about maps and cardinal directions in Social Studies. We will also be learning about how people change the planet and how all of our cultures are unique.



Attached is Mrs. Hoetger's virtual bitmoji classroom where students can click on different objects to do music games, write music, do dances, and read books about music.

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Kindergarten, Mrs. Bailey's class

Henry is writing about penguins. In kindergarten we have been writing informational pieces about penguins.


Kindergarten, Mrs. Fisher's class

We are learning about informational writing. We did research about penguins together as a class. Then students used pictures and words to write about what they learned.


Kindergarten, Ms. Tallman's class

Omri is writing about the first fun snow. He wrote, "I love the snow. My mom and dad we have a snow ball fight."


Kindergarten, Ms. Ritchie's class

In our class we are learning to write a response to a book.

Sahra loves to read and complete her assignments.

Keep up the great work, Sahra.


Kindergarten, Ms. Lobert's class

Annie is sharing the first January journal entry she wrote and illustrated for 2021! Way to have detail in your drawing and write down the sounds you hear in the words you want to write, Annie! Great sight words, too!


Kim Kirk

Instructional Assistant

Mrs. Kirk has been a kindergarten instructional assistant at Avalon for the past 22 years. She enjoys spending time with her family and likes playing games. Mrs. Kirk also likes spending time in the outdoors, especially going on hikes in the Hocking Hills.

Risa 'Sarge' Jennings

PEAK Coordinator, Instructional Assistant

This is Mrs. Jennings' fourth year as the PEAK IA at Avalon Elementary. She retired from the military in September 2013 after serving 25 years. She served eight years in the United States Navy and 17 years in the United States Air Force. Some of her jobs included Military Pay Clerk, Training and Education Clerk, First Sergeant, Personnel Specialist, and Human Resource Supervisor.

Mrs. Jennings has a Master's Degree in Education as a Youth Development Specialist from University of Dayton. She enjoys reading, listening to Old School R & B music, playing board games with her family, watching Law and Order, and photography (she's not a professional photographer but loves taking pictures, especially of her son). Hobbies include exercising (riding her bike, walking the neighborhood, treadmill, or trails), playing basketball, and sleeping in late whenever possible. She's the youngest of ten siblings and has a twin sister. She's been married 13 years and has a wonderful son named Jordan B. Jennings.

Out of all the jobs she's had in her life, her favorite is being the PEAK IA at Avalon.

Lindsey Jasin

Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Lindsey Jasin is the school counselor at Avalon Elementary. This is her ninth school year with the building! She also works part-time as the school counselor for Northgate Intermediate. Mrs. Jasin is from Sylvania, Ohio (near Toledo) and grew up an Ohio State Buckeye fan! She attended college at The Ohio State University for her undergraduate degree in Human Development and Family Science, and attended Ohio University for her graduate degrees in School/Community Counseling. (Mrs. Jasin is also a licensed professional clinical counselor!)

These days Mrs. Jasin loves to visit metro parks, watch the Ohio State Buckeyes play football, and spend time with her friends and family. Mrs. Jasin lives with her husband and three children, ages five, three, and eight months old. They keep her very busy! She also LOVES being your school counselor and helping students feel their best!


Fuel Up

Fuel Up pick-up sites will change to select high schools starting February 3, 2021. Please see the link above for more details.

Blended Learning Plan HUB

Blended Learning Plan, Reasons for Blended Learning Plan, Understanding A/B Cohorts & Scheduling, Breakfast & Lunch Meals, Health & Safety Protocols, Chromebooks & Technology, Bus Transportation, LEC's, Virtual Family Engagement, etc.

CCS Parent Portal

You will find useful information to access real-time information on your Columbus City Schools student(s), including class schedules, assignments, grades, attendance, and more.

Learning Extension Centers

Find a LEC with the interactive online locator map which uses home addresses and filters by neighborhood, grade levels served, and the days and hours of operation. The map also includes COTA bus routes.

School Lottery for 2021/2022 School Year

The lottery application period for elementary school students opens on February 1 and closes on March 31, 2021. Elementary School Fair is February 17, 2021 from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm.

Technology Help

Tech support, HELP Desk, Setting Up Hotspots, Accessing WiFi, Setting up WiFi on Chromebooks, and more!

Virtual Family Engagement Sessions

Appropriately named “F.A.C.E. 2 Face” (Family And Community Engagement), these online virtual sessions are hosted in Zoom chatrooms by the Department of Engagement and expert District staff who share information and insights on specific topics.



Franklin County Department of Job & Family Services has relaunched the Prevention, Retention, and Contingency (PRC) Plus Rental Assistance program providing rental assistance payments for eligible families struggling to meet rent or facing eviction.

Right to Recover

The Right to Recover program, funded by Columbus City Council, provides up to $1,200 to cover the time off work needed to isolate, recover or care for a minor child recovering from COVID-19.

Columbus Zoo

Beastly Banner Winter 2021 Magazine

Spruce Run Environment Center

February 6at 10:00 am - Changing Climate, Changing Cities: Virtual Field Trip from Phoenix to Shenzhen.


Recognizing the challenges parents are facing during this pandemic-impacted year, our partners at Central Community House are offering a series of virtual parenting support sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Have a child getting ready for Kindergarten?

Columbus Metropolitan Libraries want to help you prepare your child to be successful in school. Their Ready for Kindergarten programs do just that, providing resources and staff ready to help every step of the way.

CRC Kinship Care Program

Assists families raising children/grandchildren where child's parent is not living in the home.

Available in Franklin County only.

Lu Zipfel, LSW

CRC Kinship Care Program

3222 North High Street

Columbus, Ohio 43202

614-268-3539 (office)

614-214-6347 (cell)


Flag of the month - Ghana

"When Kwame Nkrumah organized the Convention People’s Party in 1949 to work toward more self-government for the native African peoples of the British Gold Coast, a flag was developed for the movement. A simple horizontal tricolour of red-white-green, it became well known throughout the Gold Coast as a symbol of modernization and self-reliance. Self-government was introduced in 1952, and independence was granted on March 6, 1957."

"On that day a national flag, based on the Convention People’s Party flag, was hoisted throughout the land. The country also acquired a new name, based on the empire of Ghana, which had been a powerful and rich state from the 7th to the 13th century. Ghana, as the first of the sub-Saharan African states to achieve independence, took a leading role in the movement toward African liberation and unity. Its new flag retained the red and green stripes of the old, but it changed the white to yellow and added a black five-pointed star, referred to as the “lodestar of African freedom.” The red symbolizes the independence struggle, yellow the wealth of the country, and green its forests and farms."

Credit: Britannica

Avalon Elementary

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