The Murder of Jack Parish

By Virgina F. , Charlotte D. , Charlotte P. , and Kasey G.

The Crime Scene

On November 19 at 11:30 pm, Jack Parrish was found dead on the floor in the 7th grade tutorial room. It was an intense sight to see. There was blood everywhere, and a spoon with a powder on it, most likely a poison. Written on the board in blood was HS in the back of the room. Several multicolored gummy bears were in a clear plastic cup on the table, and there were blood stained, half-eaten gummy bears scattered across the table. There was a stained piece of napkin on the floor. A tuft of brown hair was near the edge of the table; the hair was a light brown color, uneven on the edges. Throughout this project, we have gathered evidence to show us who committed the murder of Jack Parrish.

The Math Behind it All

The time of death: 4:30 pm on 11/19/2014. The poison of the crime, cyanide, was given to the victim at 4:00 pm. Also, Mr. Andy Sayles could of not have possibly killed Mr. Jack Parrish, because it takes more than half an hour to get from Serenbe to Lovett.

The Suspects:

Kelly Lecceardone

Kelly Lecceardone had bitter almonds which contain Cyanide and a jar of gummy bears on her desk during the interrogation. Jack Parrish loved to take Ms. Lecceardone's gummy bears which she pays for and cuts into Gino's, her dog, treat money. He also shattered her brand new jar of gummy bears, and never bothered to replace them. She went to lunch at Soho with Erin Dixon before the murder was committed. Mrs. Dixon told Ms. Lecceardone that she was going to do something about Mr. Parrish (kill him). In the conversation between Ms. Lecceardone and Mrs. Dixon, Ms. Lecceardone talked about HSA which was half written in blood on the board at the crime scene. After Ms. Lecceardone dropped off Mrs. Dixon for her "meeting", she went home to play with Gino.

Labs Leading to the Answer

Lab I: Blood Detection

Two stained pieces of cloth were found at the scene of the crime. A handkerchief was taken from Erin Dixon and a torn rag was taken from John Rice. We had to test each piece of clothing to see which one was real blood. We found that Sample 1, Erin Dixon's handkerchief, was real blood.

Lab II: Suspect Possible Blood Types

Andy Sayles: Type O

Erin Dixon: Type A, Type B

Kelly Lecceardone: Type B, Type O

John Rice: Type A, Type O

Lab III: Forensic Hair Analysis

We found Erin Dixon's hair sample matched the evidence hair sample. The tuft of hair found at the crime scene was also a very similar match of color and shape to Erin Dixon's hair. We studied the cuticles, cortex, and follicle of each individual hair sample.

Lab IV: Crime Scene Blood Typing

All of the different blood samples had a different reaction to antibody A and antibody B. We had to test which blood type's colors would match the evidence blood. The blood type left at the scene is type A which is a possible blood type for Erin Dixon.

Lab V: Fingerprints

We had to study our fingerprints during this lab and the suspect's fingerprints. Some suspects fingerprints were similar the evidence prints, but there was one exact match. Erin Dixon's fingerprint matched one of the finger prints at the crime scene, print A. Jack Parrish's fingerprint matched Print B. These were the two prints found at the scene of the crime.

Lab VI: Powder Analysis Lab

We found that Cyanide matched the powder at the crime scene. We figured out it was Cyanide because the evidence powder reacted the same to Vinegar by bubbling over. The other powders had some similar reactions, but they were not as exact as Cyanide was to the evidence.