Where I Stand

By: Sharon Cheng


Being citizens of Ontario has many benefits, as inhabitants have access to anything they could possibly need. Some citizens, however, may feel as if they do not have enough, and will eventually demand for their ideas to become a reality. Sadly, not every single citizen can be satisfied, but most of them can. It is with perseverance that one is able to overcome this lack of necessity by adapting to ideas with a more better purpose and result for everyone else as well rather for just themselves. Although one's ideas may not be heard, other ideas with an even more advantageous motive can result in everyone being content.

The beautiful place called Ontario holds many tourist attractions.


As more roads and buildings are being built on unpaved areas in our province, it results in a lot of construction being done. Although residents get to have access to brand new establishments with useful functions, the environment surrounding these construction sites are becoming more inadequate and damaged. The aesthetic, original grassland that once covered the land is then replaced with pavement that may not be of any use at all. Most of the time, some of these buildings are not even heavily demanded by the citizens and do not bring much use to people living nearby. This may be because there is already a neighbouring building that provides much more resources for residents, leaving other buildings nearby vacant and secluded. These buildings should not be established as they are not needed, and the remaining land should stay pristine for the wildlife whom are living in it, as well as for people to enjoy the natural green scenery.
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Plaza Near First Markham Place

Community Safety

Citizens residing in Ontario agree that it is a very safe place to live in. Rarely do the inhabitants have to deal with any sort of crime or controversial acts. Although this city already owns a great community safety system, it never hurts to become even more aware about the future troubles that may face this beloved metropolis. Having more police officers patrolling the streets (especially at nighttime) when someone is speeding would be an improvement, as this would conclude in less or none at all car collisions from occurring. This would also provide more safety for the people walking across the road, as they are now being looked after.

Another proposal is that the government should encourage people who walk to look out more for vehicles passing by. This means that walkers should not be distracted by anything (such as cell phones or any other handheld console) while they are walking across the road. This will also result in a safer environment as people are now being more alert of their surroundings.

How to Cross the Street
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Having a busy city has many perks, as citizens are working to their potential in order to be successful at their job. One thing that individuals may ask is, "How do adults manage to get to their workplace on time?" Ontario is a big city, and already owns many roads that adults may use to get to their desired destination. This statement, however, may not be as great as people think it is. Although there are many available routes to take to arrive to places, there will still be roads that are busy because of traffic. Traffic is the hold-up of vehicles due to a disturbance somewhere, and usually results in making individuals late for school or work. Traffic usually occurs in roads that only have one lane for both sides, as people cannot cut through the slow-paced vehicles. Some examples of these vehicles may be school buses or trucks. In order for this not to happen, it is reasonable for the municipal government to agree that creating more lanes for people will result in one getting to work on time and fast.

To answer the question, the crucial point is time management. Hopefully, more lanes will be added to the areas that only own one lane, so people can get to places much quicker without having to deal with the dreadful delay that individuals call 'traffic'.

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Warden Avenue Results in Traffic Daily

Conclusion / Reflection

I believe that Ontario is truly a great, fantastic place to live in. Everything in this big city includes anything residents could possibly have and ask for. Although there are some difficulties present, such as transportation setbacks and safety issues, it is a great city to live in as it is secure most of the time. Ontario owns many beautiful tourist spots, and the lowest crime rate in all of Canada. I concur that it is truly a wonderful blessing that we are able to live in an incredible environment filled with amazing residents.
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The beautiful place I like to call, "home".