Some more ideas for ICT in history

Things that are easy to try but that'll make a difference...

1. MS Word 2010

Use MS Word 2010 to make documents more visually appealing. Word 2010 has some great and easy-to-use features that make picture capture and editing very easy.
Word 2010: New Features

2. MS Excel 2010

Use MS Excel 2010 to present data with visual appeal by using 'Sparklines' and 'Conditional Formatting'. Sounds techie - but it isn't and you'll be pleased with the results.
Excel 2010: New Features

3. Create learning resources with Smore

This site is created with Smore ( Use it to create attractive and useful resource collections for class, home or revision. Ask pupils to create their own. The technology is easy to use - the focus is on the learning and not the tech.