Online Paperwork System

Coming May 1

Big Changes with Electronic Forms and Signatures

Effective with the 2013-2014 school year and beginning around May 1, Lone Star will move to an online athletic paperwork system.

Physicals for the 2013-2014 school will not be accepted until after May 1. The actual physical form will still be paper based due to the signature required by the doctor. All other forms will be filled out electronically and signed electronically by the parent.

Please do not print any physical packets to hand out to your parents or athletes. I have removed the links from my website to the paperwork packet. Please have your booster clubs do to the same and direct them to this link:

I will discuss this in more detail at our next Head Coaches meeting. This looks to be a very streamlined system and will eliminate a lot of papers and headaches.

If you have any questions that can't wait until our meeting, feel free to ask me in the hallway or in the training room.