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Term 2 - Week 4 - Thursday May 7 2020

From the Principal's Desk…

Newsletter Term 2 Week 4

It seems incredible that we are now into week four of a very different term. Remote Learning – who would have thought that this was how we would be working and teaching in 2020.

For those of you who have been having technical difficulties I now have a hot line number for you from the department. This line will be manned from 8 am to 8 pm. So if you have any issues regarding ICT please call : 1800 080 082

For our newsletter this week I thought it would be nice to hear some different perspectives about Remote Learning. I asked Catherine Vermeltfoort, our Literacy Leader and one of the grade three/four teachers to write about a typical day for her. Kylie Short our School Council President has also written about remote learning from a parent perspective. Both accounts are insightful as to how our lives have changed.

We also have included some writing pieces from our students and we have some more awards from teachers. I would like to congratulate our new Artist of the Month - Heidi Robins in Grade Four for her wonderful kitchen creature ‘Cat Lady’. Well done on such a creative work of art! We have included a photo of her work for you.

Take care, stay well.


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The Princess Get Away - By Josh H 3/4B

It was a dark and stormy morning. It was dawn and Jane was trying to get away from the evil goblin that has been trying to capture Jane for decades. Jane sprints to the carriage, and rushes away towards the love of her life. Jane had a deal with Flynn that she would escape the evil hands of the goblin who had taken over the country of Zimbim.

The plan was to meet in the haunted field where she would escape with him on his Flying Ship to live with him in the clouds, where there is peace and harmony. Flynn is the Prince of Custodia, he travels around looking for damsels in distress. When he met Jane she was different, he knew they were meant to be together for the rest of their lives. Flynn was making it his mission to personally rescue his Love.

Jane’s carriage traveled across the land hoping she would be fast enough to meet with Flynn. Jane saw the ship sailing up up up above her into the sky. All was lost for Jane. Out of the blue Jane saw Flynn drop down a ladder for her to grab on to. Flynn shouted to Jane “3, 2, 1 jump Jane, JUMP '' with that she lept up to the sky like a jet plane soaring through the sky. Flynn was relieved that Jane had caught the ladder. Unfortunately Flynn could see the trouble lurking in the background……. It was the Goblin…………...

If Only I Could - By Charli L 5/6S

Mother on my right, daddy on my left, we would play some of the most beautiful ballads. I loved Beethoven’s Fur- Elise, the way it flowed with the greatest grace through the room. I would dance throughout the living room like it was the brightest stage with a million people watching me. Those were the happiest times anyone could ever know.

I held her hand as I soon felt her grasp slip through my hand, her eyes held one tear as she had slipped away from our grasp into the unknown. My eyes filled with tears as I could not take the feelings I had inside, I could not overpower them. I tried so hard but they came over me as strong as a tsunami crashing onto the sand of an innocent city. I ran out of her room so I could think about what I could have done to save her. Nothing, there was nothing I could have done. I know dad will be saying his last goodbyes. I don’t need to say anything mum will know how much she meant to me.

The piano stood silent in its lonely corner. My old stage was filled with dust and sorrow. I walked over to the broken down, un-loved and mourningful piano. My hand hovered over its cold keys. They called to me as if to say “play me, your mother would want you to’’. I looked up to see mother’s picture on the top of the piano. If only I could play. Every time my hands got closer I would feel a stabbing pain in my heart, I could not bear it. Mother’s old music notes lay splattered over one side of the piano. Her music was the most wonderful and one of the most painful things I could think of. If only I could bring myself to play.

Dad could not bear living in our house any more. The pain hurt him more than me. So we started to pack our most treasured possessions into a suitcase. I longed to take mother’s picture and music notes, but if I did, dad could not dare to look at them and insist they stay here where mother had her last happy moments . I never wanted to leave.

27 years later

Here it is, I looked down onto my daughter’s beautiful golden hair. She looked up and gave me the cutest smile, showing off her lost tooth. “This is the house I grew up in,” I whispered. “ This is where we are going to live now, of course we will fix it up but this is where we are going to live,” I told her. She held my hand and started to run towards the house pulling me inside. She ran straight into the living room. As her eyes laid on the piano she smiled and ran over to it and took a seat. “No!” I screamed. She had put her fingers on the keys and started to play the small amount of Fur-Elise that she knew. I thought it would create the same feeling as when I tried to play, but it created the happiest feeling inside. I picked her up and sat her on my lap. I grabbed one of mum’s music notes and started to play. She shot up and started to dance around the living room like a ballerina to my mother’s songs. Now I could.

An Unexpected Adventure - 🛀 By Ruby 5/6W

When I first moved to Royal Manor, I was scared of the old bathroom. Can you imagine being scared of a bathroom? Let me explain. Firstly the bath was what people call a Clawfoot bathtub. It sat on four large talons, with curved claws which would be able to hook into any prey. Secondly the pipes, the house had old water pipes, and when you turned on the tap, the rattling noise would begin. As the water flowed into the bathtub, the bumps, creaks, clinks and clanks would vibrate through the walls. Thirdly, this bathroom was like nothing I had ever seen.

You see when you looked through the door into this big old fashion bathroom, you would have thought, it’s just a scary, run down room in need of renovating. But we all know looks can be deceiving and this is where my unexpected adventure begins.

This was no ordinary bathroom, in fact it wasn't even a normal bathroom, it was a portal into another dimension, another continent, and my scary bathtub was a ship to sail upon this vast and beautiful ocean. I know what you're thinking, I have a screw loose, a sandwich short of the picnic, but honest engines this was magical.

Every night I would race to the bathroom, ready to float away with my numerous ocean buddies, like Myrtle the Turtle. It was so exciting, my shower curtain sail would billow in the wind as I went up and down with the rhythm of the waves. I would discover new things everyday, can you imagine having a portal to the ocean in your bathroom? It was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Water just hit me in the face, was it Myrtle trying to tell me something? No it was something else, was there other human life in my ocean? Then I heard it “ Ruby you have fallen asleep in the bath again, get out before you catch a cold.” It was mum dragging me back to reality from my dreams. But hopefully tomorrow, I would be taken on another unexpected adventure, even if it was just all in my head.

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Stars of the Week

3/4K - Max L. Max has consistently produced a very high standard of work in isolation, he should be proud of his efforts and what he has produced. Stay motivated, great work and keep it up!

3/4B- Ella B. Working between home and school and is doing a really good job on all set tasks. She is really applying herself to her work.

5/6S - Ashton C, Charli L, Lyndsay M, Charlotte R, Summer C and Archie R for working so hard on their remote learning. They’re always participating in our Webexes and completing all their set work to the best of their ability.

5/6W - Haylee G a ‘Learning’ award for her commitment to her learning. She has put a tremendous effort into completing all the tasks each week with enthusiasm, striving to do her very best, as well as being a frequent flyer on our Webex sessions.

ART - Heidi R 3/4V for her spectacular 3D Character model , Cat Lady, and replica drawing and Luis L 3/4K - for his underwater Diorama scene. Fabulous effort and cleverly put together.

PE - Josh H (3/4B) and Sienna H (Prep B) a learning award for all their hard work in our PE lessons. They have been outstanding and sending through videos of the lessons they are doing.

Also Julian B (3/4B) learning award for all his hard work with the PE lessons. Always giving each a lesson a go. Julian has been sending me through photos and updating his progress with each lesson.

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OSHCCP - Camp Australia

Exciting activities in OSHC this week.

We thank you for all your continued support and patience through these challenging times. We understand Outside School Hours Care is vital for many parents that are not able to work from home, so that you can continue to provide essential work for the community.

Our OSHC service is open and operating for those that need our care, and will provide your children with much-needed familiarity and continuity through our engaging programs that have an increased focus on hygiene and social distancing.

Having spent the day in a classroom, children need the opportunity and space to explore their own interests and unleash their imaginations – whether that be trying new sports, craft, cooking and much, much more. With activities appropriate for all ages, here is what we have planned for the week ahead:











It’s FREE to Register. (and if you want to use OSHC, you first need to register).

Register at pp.campaustralia.com.au/account/login. Once registered, it’s easy to make and manage your bookings online via our Parent Portal.

Visit our blog for helpful information and fun activities.

New articles are added each week for parents and cover various topics to help families. This month we are focusing on all things COVID-19. We talk about how to adjust to the changes you’ve made in your household, including fun activity ideas to entertain your child at home. Visit the blog here: https://campaustralia.com.au/blog

From Stacey , Ellie and Emmi-lee Camp Australia at Healesville Primary School