2nd Grade News

September 2015

Second Graders Have Had a Terrific First Couple Weeks of School!

Hello From Second Grade

Wow! What a great beginning to a new school year. It has been so much fun meeting and getting to know this great group of students. I have also enjoyed getting to know each of you. Thank you for the donations to our classroom. We really appreciate them. I was great seeing so many of you at Parent Information Night!

Meet Our Class! Such Smiling Faces:)

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Our Schedule

Recess and Lunch: 11:16 to 11:56 (We go to recess first)

Gym: Mondays and Wednesdays (Remember to wear gym shoes)

Music: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Movement: Gym and Music together

Library: Thursdays

September and August Birthdays

Hope your birthdays were the best...

Denver (August 6th), Hailee (August 8th), Caleb (August 26th), and Zoey (August 29th), Ashlee (September 8th)

Happy Birthday later this month to...

Emmerson (September 20th) and Victoria (September 22nd).


Spirit Week (Monday September 21st to Friday, September 25th)

Monday is Favorite Sports Team Day

Tuesday is Dress as your Favorite Holiday

Wednesday is Silly Sock Day

Thursday is Hawaiian/Beach Day (No Swimsuits allowed)

Friday is Black & Red (Grand Blanc Spirit Day)

Friday is a half day of school!!

Student Council Representatives

Congratualations to all the students who presented a speech to the class. You are all winners for trying out. Don't give up! Try again next year.

Meet room 205's Representatives

Picture Day is October 5th!

An Envelope came home the week of September 21st.

Don't Forget! Daily Take Home Envelope

Please make sure that your child is bringing home their colored, see through envelope. This should be brought home each night. In this envelope will be some work that was completed in class, grade work and notes from the office or myself. Please make sure that this is emptied each night and returned to school the next day.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Now that I worked out the problems with Sign Up Genius...I'm obviously not a genius! Anyway, please make sure to sign up. I know it seems so far away, but we all know it will be here before we know it. Conferences are held Tuesday, November 10th, Wednesday, November 11th and Thursday, November 12th. Wednesday and Thursday will be half days of school.


Math: Data and Information and Addition and Subtraction

We have had so much fun learning about each other during math. We have gathered data about one another and put it into different types of graphs. We have learned that graphs help us organize data so that it is easy to understand.

Also, we started our first unit which is learning about addition and subtraction number sentences. We have taken our first addition and subtraction timed tests. We have learned how to keep track of our scores by keeping a graph.

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Griffyn and Alexis Working on Their Math

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Good Citizens Help One Another: Treyvon and Aubry Working Together:)

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Writer's Notebook and What We are Working on in Writing

Your child received their Writer's Notebook. This week we wrote about trust and mistakes. Some pretty big and important ideas.

I have shared many books and modeled using books to make connections from the book to my own life. We will begin working on our first writing piece. Your child will be writing a Personal Narrative. This is a true story about an important event that has occurred in your child's life. Please be talking with your child about important possible events they might write about. A paper will come home next week for you to brainstorm about this idea.

Social Studies

Communities and Being a Good Citizen

In Social Studies we are learning about communities. We have learned we live in many places... our home, our town, the state of Michigan, the United States and North America. We are learning about the importance of being a good citizen is all of these places. Please have conversation with your child about some of the things you do that makes you a good and responsible citizen.


We will be learning about plants in our first Science unit. The students are learning about plants. We have learned the steps to planting a seed and what plants need to grow.

Our Plants: Just Like Us Plants Need Many Things to Grow!

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In reading we are learning about choosing "Just Right" books. Choosing the right book is as important as choosing the right size shoes. If they are too big or too small, we will have a hard time getting around. Please make sure your child is reading books that aren't too hard or too easy. The general rule is that if there are more than 5 words in a picture book or more than 5 in a chapter, then it is not a "Good Fit". It is too easy if there are no words to use strategies to figure out the word. Building our STAMINA has also been a big focus for us in 2nd grade.

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Building Stamina!

So far we have worked up to 6 minutes of STAMINA. When we read we need to remember the Read to Self Procedures.
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Ashley is Building Her Stamina!

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Compliment Friday: Where My Heart is Touched

Compliment Friday is the best way to end a long week of learning. Students share their heartfelt compliments to their peers. Recognizing someone for being a great friend, thanking someone for helping them understand when they didn't, apologizing for not doing the right thing, and recognizing someone's hard work and effort are just a few of the compliments shared during this time.