Blood Magic

Tessa Gratton

finding her parents in a puddel of blood.....magic.


Silla's murder of her parents left her in the lost and depression of her teen age years. as she doesn't know what is coming her way next, she receives a book in the mall. its from her fathers very close friend. Silla opens the package, inside is her fathers magic book. Silla hopes that her fathers book will lead her to some answers to how and why her parents death occurred. Silla goes to the grace yard to where her parents are, with her new magic book. as Silla is trying out some of the spells in the book she meets a new boy Nick. nick had just moved here and was wondering. Nick then remembers some of the things that Silla is doing from when he was younger. Nicks mother did them to him before she grew mad. after a while in Sillas and nicks friendship grows. they start to connect and unwilling to share the past of their blood magic of the past. soon Silla, Nick, and Reese come in contact with this deadly woman whom is certain that she get there book of spells. " Girl surrounded by flowers Technicolor kiss for all the nights lengthy hours t'll miss...."


I choose this book because I was on a vacation wanting to read a jumping novel. picking through many different ones when Blood Magic stood out to me, and I had to read it. my favorite part of Blood Magic is when Silla opens a mystery package, finding that its her fathers spell book sent from one of his close friends. my opinion of this novel, it makes you jump from your skin, never wanting to put it down. Blood Magic is my favorite novel of all times. I would recommend this book to teens and adults.
Blood Magic by Tessa Gratton - Sims 3 - Fan Made Book Trailer
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