Create A Government

By Terikah Evans


Perfect and Liberated Tyrany


North East Japan

Interesting Facts

How did you originate ?

The Perfect and Liberated Tyrant was founded by the Democratic Republican Party.

Type of Economy?

Traditional Economy- An economic system in which people make economic decisions based on customs and beliefs that have been handed down to one generation to the next.

Type of government?

Theocracy- a system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god.





National Anthem

Kimi ga Yo wa
Chiyo ni Yachiyo ni
Sazare-ishi no
Iwao to narite
Koke no musu made

Claim to fame?

" We have the most top quality education systems around"

What do you trade?

We trade things such as cars, vehicle parts, and computers

Who are some of your trading partners?

China, South Korea, And The United States

Membership in the U.N?



  • Bowing is nothing less than an art form in Japan, respect pounded into children’s heads from the moment they enter school. For tourists, a simple inclination of the head or an attempt at a bow at the waist will usually suffice.
  • Slurping noodles or making loud noises while eating is OK! In fact, slurping hot food like ramen is polite, to show you are enjoying it.
  • Depending on the restaurant you decide upon for that evening, you may be required to use chopsticks. If for some reason you aren’t too adept with chopsticks, try to learn before passing through immigration. It’s really not that hard.
  • Take off your shoes at the entrance to all homes, and most businesses and hotels.
  • Drawing attention to yourself as an individual is a huge no-no: don’t blow your nose in public, try to avoid eating while on the go, and don’t speak on your cell phone in crowded public areas like trains or buses.
  • Murders happen. I repeat, murders happen. People are attacked, robbed, assaulted, raped, beaten, and swindled. Watch all surroundings!
  • Drugs? No. Don't even consider it as the penalties are severe.
  • Don't smoke on the street.
  • Don't steal and don't get into fights.
  • Be polite and use common sense.

Current events

  • 2 dead, 3 injured in pileup expressway tunnel.

  • 37-year-old woman arrested for attempting to kill 3-year-old daughter.

  • How would a "President Trump" deal with Japan?