The Different Types of Schools

Private vs. Public School


Through out the end of time Parents/Guardians have had to make the decision that you are going to make right now. Do I send my child to Public School or Do I pay for them to go to Private School. The decision of what choice to make is a hard one. When making this decision there are many things to consider, what’s best for your child may not be what’s best for your friends child. If you are trying to make the right decision but are stuck between two schools or haven't choose the type of school, tour the school and see if you can sit in on a class or observe so you can make the right decision.

Perks of Public School

- Teachers normally have a higher education

- Students typically spend three more hours studying than private school students

-Have more clubs and sports to offer because they can afford to fund them.

-More diverse in race

- Have state guidelines they have to follow to teach your child.

-No child’s left behind unlike Private School where you have to get assessed to go to school there.

Private School

The Perks of Private School

-Higher Test Average

- Smaller Class Size

- Parents are normally more involved in the child's education.


-Acceptance rates aren't that high

-Don’t have to follow the state guidelines on teaching

-Teachers aren't as educated as Public School teachers.