Tech Tip Thursday #17

Week of January, 2015

Create classroom formative assessments that have the same features as the PARCC Assessment!

Teachers are always calling me and asking where there is a site they can use to create or obtain assessments that are PARCC based, which means they want to have the students take a test online they have created. Not only online, but the items have the same technical features such as drag and drop, sequencing, etc. Well here it is and I can't wait to share it with you. It's Edulastic and it's free to teachers and students!
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Edulastic helps educators achieve their Common Core curriculum objectives in several ways:

  • Provides meaningful homework solutions and daily assessments for evaluating and supporting student mastery of Common Core standards.
  • Enables teachers to craft standards-aligned formative assessments with highly interactive, freeform questions defined by Smarter Balanced & PARCC.
  • Offers free curated content that includes thousands of standards-aligned questions crafted by other teachers.
  • Provides insights into student proficiency at an aggregate and individual level, enabling teachers to identify areas where a student needs personalized instruction, intervention or remediation.
  • Facilitates the adoption of benchmarked standardized assessments through a collaborative evaluation process that can be applied across districts and within broader learning communities.
Edulastic - Learn & Listen - DILA 2014 Submission

Tonia McMillan, Technology Coordinator

I would love to come to your school and show you this great tool! We can wait until testing is over. This would be a great summer pd! You can also upload student reports from Edulastic to Bloomboard as an artifact! Need I say more.