The 7th Grade Skinny

January 19th

Quote of the Week!

"It's like Christmas morning all over again...but smellier!" A 7th grade student taking on lost and found pile!

"Romeo Oh Romeo...."

This Thursday, 7th graders will attend Shakespearience, a performance mash-up of Shakespeare's most famous plays, at the Alex Theater from 8:20-11:35. Please contact Diane Bonfils if there is a conflict.

New Years Resolution: Volunteer More!

Requesting Parent Volunteers:

January is Mosaic Month at MJS and we need you!

Mosaic Month is a beautiful celebration of the cultural diversity that exists in our community and we rely on our parent volunteers to help make it happen. The culminating event is the International Heritage Fair on Friday, January 29th. If you are interested in either creating a cultural table for the fair or in helping out behind the scenes, please contact Ms. Myvonwynn Hopton as soon as possible. Thank you!

Repeat After Me: "Mark your Calendars!"

  • Week of January 18th Morning Carpool: Donaldson
  • January 19-21: Sister Eileen McDevitt Visits MJS
  • January 21: Shakespeareance Field Trip 8:20-11:35
  • January 22: 5th-8th Grade Mix-It Up Lunch
  • January 29: International Heritage Fair

Week of January 25th Morning Carpool: Mercado

Week of January 25th Giving Bank: Sanders Group 2: Camilla Nelson, August Nicassio, Bo Oliver, Ryan Nishyama, Hayes Sullivan

Driver: Kathy Nicassio

Giving bank schedule

Giving Bank Driver Schedule

We still need drivers for February's Junior Docent trip! If you can drive, please sign up!

Junior Docent Sign Up

Repeat After me: "Go Mustangs!"

Please come and support our Mayfield Mustangs! Here is what's coming up this week, for the complete season schedule, please visit the "MJS Athletics" page on the parent portal.

Have you followed us on Twitter yet? @MJSAthletics It's a great way to get up-to-date game results!

Intern Program: First Day on the Job!

Contact us!

We are here to help! Please email us!

Nicole Sanders

Diane Bonfils

Nichole Mercado

Sam Donaldson

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