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  • Sora/Overdrive The Richland 2 and Richland Library can be linked through this app. Use your school ID and password to access. For the Richland County Library use your school ID number and the two-digit birth month and two-digit birthday for your password. Ex. 0601 for June 1.
  • Novel List Plus - Through DISCUS from the State Library. Too many goodies to list. Check it out.
  • Free Audiobooks - 2 free audiobooks/week through July 29th. Use student ID and password.

Reading Suggestions By Department

COVID 19 Recovery through Reading

The best way to recapture the lost academic traction due to COVID 19 limited in-personal instruction is through reading.

A study of K-12 student reading habits demonstrated that 6 extra minutes of reading per day can turn a struggling reader into one who meets or surpasses their grade's level benchmark.

Students who read 15 minutes or more per day - about 46%- made accelerated gains!

There is no substitute for time spent reading. Texting, social media content, and academic reading do not replace the process of reading novels either fiction or nonfiction.

Reading By the Numbers

6 additional minutes spent reading boosts reading performance

20 minutes of reading per day = 2 million words per year for the average teen

8.4 months -reading level improvement through ebook exposure

83% of American children like or love read alouds

68% - the amount of stress reduced through reading

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