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pg-1: In The Beginning.

pg-2: From Knight To Explorer.

pg-4: La Florida.

pg-5: The Beginning Of Florida And the End of Juan.

In the begining

Juan Ponce de Leon was born in 1460 in santervas Campos, a part of Castile, to a poor yet noble ( having the power of a king or queen or someone with power) family. Juan spent most of his time roaming ( wandering) the country side of Spain with his brothers, Lewis and Pedro. The time he did not explore the country side he spent serving the king and queen. Juan got his last name from a ancestor ( ancient relative) who ruled the kingdom ( Castle and land) of Leon in the 1,100s. He learned several languages and many military tactics (strategies) and other useful information he may have thought he would never use.

Juan's care free child hood days did not last very long at all. He became a knight when he was 16. All boys at this time had to become knights. Due to a war that involved the moor's trying to take over Spain in 711. The Spaniards had been fighting for 100's of years to drive the moor's ( Muslims) out of Spain. The moor's ended up stuck. With only one strong-hold ( A strong holding base/fort) left so they surrendered (gave up). With the moor's in defeat the queen of Spain marched through the city of Granada in victory on a white horse symbolizing ( a symbol) nobility ( having the power of a king or queen or someone with power).

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From Knight To Explorer

With the moor's in defeat Juan did not know what to do . . . what he also did not know is that another man in that crowd held the answer . . . Christopher Columbus. While the moor's battle was happening, Columbus had asked if he could go to the indies to get riches, knowing that the queen had spent a fortune (a very large portion of money) on the war she agreed. When Columbus returned he had great news . . . he never made it to the indies, but he found a place (that we now know as the Americas) and even better news . . . IT HAD GOLD! The queen ordered that another expedition ( adventure) be sent at once, and Juan would be going on board! Juan and 100's of other people went on board. They would need Fighters if there were natives, diggers to dig for gold, and explorers to find a good place to settle.

When they landed what they saw was horrific. The few people he had left on the island where all murdered by the natives, in a fight because the Spaniards had taken all the gold and money from the natives. All the Spaniards where either dead or hiding deep in the woods. It was not long before Columbus had enslaved them all and had them mining for gold. One native refused to mine and a Spaniard sent his dog on him killing the man. The natives killed many Spaniards in revenge. The rebellion was stopped when Juan Ponce de Leon captured the chief and stopped the rebellion.

For stopping the rebellion the king made him governor of Puerto Rico. Juan sailed to Puerto Rico immediately and he brought his family with him, so he could make the "first" colonies there and he brought many men with him knowing that there would be "savages" on the island. Whatever "savages" there were, soon where forced into the mines and about 1/2 of the gold found was sent back to Spain and the rest was kept by Juan and his family. By now it was 1508 and Queen Isabella had been dead for four years but Juan kept sending gold back to the king of Spain to keep him happy, but Diego Columbus showed and appointed a new governor of Puerto Rico.

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La Florida

Juan sailed back to Spain and begged for his land back, but the council (many people brought for consultation) had decided to keep Diego Columbus happy because his father, Christopher Columbus, had died in 1506. So Juan sailed to find more land. He saw land on march 3rd, 1513, But he kept on going. He landed to repair ships and some of the natives said that they would take them to gold, but they where tricked and caught in a rain of arrows so they fled the island and kept on going. Juan landed on April 2nd, Easter Sunday. When he landed he saw many beautiful flowers. So because he was the first European to land here, he named it "la Florida" - "feast of flowers" (Juan thought that this was a island but it was actually Florida).

When the king heard of this land he also heard the legend (a story that can't be proven) of "fountain (a source of water) of youth ( being young)" so he had Juan search for these magic waters. Juan searched all through "la Florida" but these waters where never found and there was very little gold and glory (honor) to be found here so Juan went back to Spain to ask one request (asking for something) .

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The beginning of Florida and End of Juan

Juan's only request to the king was to the king was that be allowed to conquer ( take over) and colonize "La Florida". Because the council had already taken Puerto Rico from Juan . . . the king Accepted (agreed). Juan sent out immediately (right away) and brought many men with him. As fast as he had got on the boat he had all ready got off and enslaved all the natives. While the Spaniards watched the natives work they had not a thought that this was going to end . . . but it indeed did.

Not long after that a huge rebellion (act against something) broke out and a huge rain of arrows fell. One of which hit Juan and mortally wounded him very badly and he had to sail to the place we now know as Cuba. Juan was placed in a hospital where he stayed for days. But each and every day his wound got worse and worse up until he died in 1521. His body is currently (at this moment) in San Juan cathedral (a church) .

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  • PONCE DE LEON, JUAN-reworked

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Noble- having the power of a king or queen or someone with power.

roaming- wandering.

ancestor- ancient relative.

kingdom- Castle and land.