Primary care physician


Basic primary care physician

1.Diagnose and treat a wide variety of diseases

2.Care includes early intervention

3.Advise on preventative health care practices

4.Work in offices, clinics, hospitals, or medical schools

5.Usually work more than 40 hours per week

6.Training lasts about 10 years after high school

7.Have a state medical license

8.Earn $137,670 per year (national average)

9.About 17 percent of doctors are self-employee

10.This 24-hour emergency coverage is usually shared on a rotational basis with other members of their medical group.

Pros and cons

A con is your on for 24 hours this is bad beacuse you could have to get up in the middle of the night and go to work. A pro is that you are able to make lots of money in one year. A con is you have to go to school for another 10 years and need a special diploma. A pro is you have a very high level of authority whenever you make a decision. A con is you have to work long hours every day you work. A pro is you usually get to help people that are sick so they get better

You need to now pre med and med

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Kelvin hospital primary care physician

88.00 an hour

60 to 80 hours a week

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