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How many times have you visited Tumblebook with your children?

All about TumbleBook Library: The TumbleBookLibrary is a collection of TumbleBooks (animated, talking picture books) with fiction, non-fiction and foreign language titles, Read-Alongs (chapter books with sentence highlighting and narration but no animation), TumbleTV which consists of pre-set playlists of a sequence of books, Tumble Puzzles & Games, and TumbleResources for teachers and students. Plus there are videos from National Geographic as well.

So how do I access this Mrs. Alvarez?

Username: bradbury Password: books

Go to this link and enjoy! Tumblebooks

Bradbury library also has access to: Oxford Owl

There are over 250 eBooks organised by ages, series and book type. These eBooks accommodate readers from Y1-Y6. Enjoy!

Please select: "My class login" and type:

login: bradschool

password: stubbsroad

Library Announcements:

There are library resources: research resources, games, and online news resources organized for the Bradbury Community on Only2Clicks:

Keep up with the NEWS!

For Years 4-6, Bradbury Library has The Student Standard newspaper copies for students to read, research, and use! Send your child in to get their copy to keep. We receive new copies almost every day, available until we run out!


The Bradbury Library is loaning Y2-Y6 5 books at a time. Please discuss this with your child. We do not want children carrying too many heavy books in their bags. Children do not have to borrow 5 books, they may choose how many they borrow.

Your turn parents!

Parents are welcome to borrow up to 10 books at a time for a month at a time from the library! Please come visit!

Welcoming Mother Tongue Language Guest Readers:

We really enjoyed welcoming parent and staff guest readers last year to Bradbury Library. Parents and staff members shared a book in their Mother Tongue. We will continue welcoming parents and staff to visit the library on Wednesdays during Y1-3 and Y4-6 lunch times to read books aloud in their mother-tongue. Please email me to book a time and indicate your interest: Remember that you are welcome to bring your own books to share or use library mother tongue language books as available.

Volunteers are still needed in Bradbury School Library:

The library needs numerous volunteers to support adding new books to the library and additionally help shelving the 500 books per day that are returned by students and staff. We would appreciate support of volunteers who could provide 15-30 minutes of their time before or after they volunteer in the classroom in addition to volunteers who are willing to volunteer for 1-2 hours per day. We would provide volunteers with training and would appreciate any support provided. Thank you!


Bradbury Library: ONLINE for you:

*Bradbury Library has a Facebook page! Please consider following this page. Our focus is specifically on literacy and resources for families with a little mix of entertaining pictures as well:

Bradbury Library's main resource page: there are research resources, games, and online news resources organized in a new way with Only2Clicks:


The Bradbury Library is running a special second-hand book exchange area for students to use.

Do your children have too many books on their shelves? Would you like to make room for new ones? Perhaps take time with your children to think about clearing out books they have grown out of or no longer enjoy, send your children to the library with the books to swap them!

Thanks for reading!

We look forward to accommodating your needs. Thank you for supporting our huge projects, sharing your thoughts, supporting the library programs!