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Book review

The story starts off in Krakow ghetto during world war II in 1939. The main character and his family are taken to the ghetto by the Nazi solders because they were Jewish. When you go through the book it takes place in ten concentration camps. you are taken through different challenges while the characters are despret for survival.


The main character in the novel in named Yanek Gruener.While Yanek gets sent to a concentration camp he tries to be as nice as possible. while his uncle , uncle Moshe tells yanek ''to do nothing don't make any friends do nothing just survive'' because he could be killed Yanek is very determind to servive


The conflict in this story is about Yanek surviving in these consintration camps since he was 10. He has to survive against the Nazi's or even trying to survive in the ghetto with the Nazi's abducting people off the streets to work. Or being beaten by the Nazi's for their sick amusement. living there was all sicking for Yanek and all the prisoners.

Moments of impact

My favourite parts of this book is were Yanek is trying his best for survival because he is always sneaking around out of his chicken coop just for some food. And I also like how were Yaneks is going threough so much for his survivle


Prisoner B-3087 is a novle about a 10 year old boy named Yanek gruener who is living in the ghetto inside a pigeon coop from the Nazi's. after sevrle weeks of survive. The Nazi's threating to liquidate the ghetto unless they get 7000 people to live there. Yaneks parents and uncle moshe are forced out of their job to live in the ghetto