Family's doctor

By : Anh Do


~In my opinion ,I believe that when I grow up I will became a family's doctor. I wante to became a family's doctor because I like to help people's when they need help or got sick ,made more moneys ,study all different kind of germs or bacteria ,see or choose all different kind of medician ,can use a big comeputure and material that a doctor use to help people's or customer [ that come to my hospital ], and their cluster is physicians and surgeons.

Training and education.

#For the training part ''which lasts upward of 2 years'' to ''complete medical school'' ,but is not ''full -fledged doctor'' because that just 1 part of beginning became a doctor ,but if you wante to became a real doctor it will take about 10 -19 year.

For the education it took about 11 or 17 year to finish high school [ ''take 4 full years'' ] ,college [ it took ''3 to 4 years of college ] ,and for medical school ''lasts about 4 years ,but if I got my ''score well on the MCAT'' I might will became a doctor soon [ I think ].