Did Your Ring Cost Someone's Life?

Kids Risk Their Life's to Get Your Diamonds

How kids are being forced to find your diamonds and many people don't even know or care.

Over 500,000 kids have died making the jewelry you wear. You are probably wondering what I am talking about and think I am crazy but I'm telling the truth. There are currently over 1,000,000 kids working 18 hour days to mine and find diamonds for you and they are payed about $2 a day! Many people don't know about this because there is only one million and compared to other jobs the child labor involves it is very little. Even though there is only 1,000,000 kids compared to others that is still a lot of kids being abused and that have an extremely unfair life and we need to stop it. 1,000,000 people is more than all of Iowa's kids! That is like all of Iowa's kids plus more working with bad conditions for lots of hours for practically no money. It is still going on to this day and does not get very much attention.

Envision the working standards and extremely bad conditions for yourself. You would have almost no hope and would be worried that you would be doing that your whole life. These kids have to dig in rocks and soil and attempt to find presious minrals. After they get some soil they have to carry them to the water. The soil is very heavy and they have to carry it about 1/2 a mile. When they get there they sift through it with water and look for gold or diamonds. If they do not find any for the whole day they do not get payed.

We have to start buying fair trade diamonds and be more conscientious of what we buy and where it came from. We can make a change, we just need to try. The people that own these "slaves" are usually rich and the police don't want to mess with them because they could get paid extra if they don't. They use kids because kids work fast because they have energy and they don't understand over there how little they are being paid. When they do understand the don't have a choice because they need the little money they do get. We need to spread the awareness and make everyone understand what is happening in these poor countries so we can make the work a better place.

A Real Life Story

Hamisi is a boy of only 11 years old but he already has a career in mining. He went to a village north of his home. When he arrived at the village, he asked a boy and asked him where the mining site was located. It was very difficult for him to get work right away because he was a newcomer and had no relatives there, but he managed to make friends with some children who knew the place and could help him. After several days of hanging around the mining site, he was hired by one of owners to work as an assistant "errands" boy. The following day, he and another child of his age were sent down into the pit, where the gemstone Tanzanite was being mined, to deliver tools and bring up used bottles of drinking water. If you found a really precious mineral you could make up to $30 but normally you only make about 60 cents

How We Can Resolve It

We can resolve it by making people aware. If people are aware they can choose which type of diamonds they buy and where they came from. The more people that are aware of the crisis they won't buy the diamonds and the people who are using child labor could go out of business and let the kids go. The other option is making better law enforcement in these areas. If of these officers would not accept bribes, they could get the kids for you and back to their families. A lot of these officers except bribes and they do not do anything because they want easy money and a easy day. We really need to resolve this soon so the world will be a bit more free place, and just better overall.


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