" Gabriele Silten "

By : Tierra Nelson

Information About Grabriele Silten

Gabriele Silten was born May 30, 1933 in Berlin , Germany. She was the daughter of Fritz and Ilse Silten . Her father was a pharmacist , and they had an comfortable life. When she was five years old , her and her family went to live in Holland after Adolf Hitler came into power. In 1940 Nazis invaded Holland just before her seventh birthday. After that she wasn't allowed to play with her non Jewish friends. Arrested in a massive raid on June 20, 1943, Gabriele and her family were sent to the Westerbork transit camp. In January 1944, Gabriele and her parents were transported in cattle cars to the Theresienstadt ghetto in Czechoslovakia. Gabriele was lucky to be able to stay with her parents. There was little food , and she often went hungry. Later on when she was ten years old , she was sent to work as a message carrier in a old age home. Prisoners in Theresienstadt were sent to Poland to be killed , but Gabriele and her parents were still in Theresienstadt when it was liberated in 1945. Gabrielle Silten and her family has lived through the Holocaust , and today Gabriele Silten is 80 years old and still living to tell her story.

What Have Poeple Learned Since Then

People have learned that you shouldn't blame others for your own actions , and that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.