Spirt Mars Rover

By Cole G

Making the rovers

Making the mars rover were very difficult Especially since they were making two of them.Spirit thought had lots of problems she failed test after test.The solar panels on the rover were very tricky to build they were either to small or big but after a while they figured out how to make them almost perfect.
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Tools of the Spirit Rover

The tools on the mars rover were different then regular tools.These tools could look for water, for any real form of life, the rock structure and more.One of the tools was a drill called the RAT ,but it was not a real rat.It was like a little drill that could look inside of rocks it drilled open.The APXS is an x ray tool to x ray rocks from minerals.Also the mars rovers had tons of cameras that they used to look at different things.
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Failures that they had to fix

In the process of making something there is always going to be a few bugs and problems. On the rovers every thing had to be at best and working shape so they put them thought series of test.Opportunity made it past it test easily but spirt did not.She had cameras that took blurry and bad pictures that could not be seen properly.It's arm keep breaking off and not being able to move.It short circuit a lot of times.The cameras would only send half of the pictures and not the full picture.
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CBSE Videos.com - Rover Landing in Mars


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