Great Times in Egypt Written Down

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Virus Breakout

A strange, deadly virus has appeared in Red Egypt. A farmer reported that some townsfolk were bitten by lions. This sickness had wiped out approximately 70 villagers and spread to other towns around the Nile River. The symptoms were told to be: coughing, sneezing, constant itching, vomiting, headaches, and if severe enough death. Stay inside and away from others with the disease. Wash your crops before you eat them and try not to make contact with wild animals.

Recipe for Tiger Nut Sweet

This is a recipe for Tiger Nut Sweets.

  • 200g of fresh dates

  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon powder

  • 2 tablespoons roughly chopped walnuts

  • 2 tablespoons finely ground almonds

  • Honey

  • A little water

  1. Blend the date with the water to form a rough paste.

  2. Add the cinnamon (to taste) and chopped walnuts.

  3. Roll the mixture into small balls and coat in honey.

  4. Coat with the ground almonds and serve.

On the Look Out

Even though it has been more than 20 years, people are still looking for Thutmose II murderer. This could have something to do with the assassination rumors that have been spreading around Egypt. Hatshepsut does not like this idea for some reason, for when we interviewed her, she had a sour feeling about Thutmose II. People have been looking around and have found clues, but they have been sealed from the public. Next Tuesday we will tell you more about the investigation.

New berry and items been found?!?!

After Pharaoh Hatshepsut has taken reign, lots of things have changed! Our Pharaoh has taken a new turn to our sales! If you hadn’t known, Pharaoh Hatshepsut sent people to go to faraway lands, bringing back interesting tools, items, incense, and lots more! One the top items on the list is this new kind of berry no one can find in Egypt called bananas. This weird looking berry has the sweetest taste, bringing marketing up by a bunch! They’re running out fast, so hurry to try and see these unique berries and items!

Assassination to our Pharaoh?!?

After Thutmose III had found out that Hatshepsut had taken the crown from him for more than 20 years (see next article for more), rumor has it that there is an assassination plan to kill our Pharaoh Hatshepsut right now! A man has reported on hearing some talk about it, but before he could find out who these people are, they were gone. Because of this Hatshepsut has been on a lookout, so if you see anything, please report it to the soldiers right away! Has Thutmose III have anything to do with this? We will try to find out. Hatshepsut shall live once again!

A General as a Pharaoh?

As everyone knows, our next Pharaoh in line is Thutmose III, but did you know that for his entire life he has been training to be a military general? Believe it or not, that’s what happened. For his entire life he has thought of himself as a prince, but he’s king, and when he found out (which was quite recently), chaos began to spread. Thutmose III is now very angry, (we tried to interview him but he refused in a violent manner) and is trying to take the throne. Problem is, is that if he does, will he be a good ruler? Since he’s a general he would be leading armies, thus letting himself open for death. We don’t know how he could reign, but let’s just let time tell us.

Interview with Hatshepsut

"Hatshepsut, is it hard to be a Pharaoh when you’re a woman?"

"Thank you for asking it has been a blast and I think people are really getting to understand that women can do the same thing as men.”

“Wow how inspiring. Do you think that you can keep going?”

“Most definitely. It is a hard job but people are now respecting me as who I am. I am known for wearing a beard because I am pharoah and shall be respected for who I am.”

“How did you get the new fruit in town?”

“Well it was quite simple it was just a little persuading and more trading because we have so much gold people always want to trade with us.”

“Well this is all the time we have, but thank you so very much for cooperating.”

Letters from our Readers

"Ugh, Hatshepsut is so stupid. Everyone knows Egypt can't have a female Pharaoh. She's probably gonna let us get conquered and burned to the ground. So listen up pharaoh fake, don't screw up Egypt. Why don't you just hand the crown over to Thutmose. He'll probably make a better ruler than you'll ever be. So why don't you just give up before it's too late, you banana-stealing monster."

-H8terforlife age 12

"Oh my goddess! Finally, Egypt has a female pharaoh! What a time to be alive in! Girls can do anything! Long live Queen Hatshepsut!"

-Fangurl777 age 5

"Sure having a female pharaoh is strange, but what's even stranger is that Thutmose has the skill to be pharaoh. Instead of learning the ways of a pharaoh, you just through kick him out of the kingdom, hand him a bow and some arrows and let him conquer our allies just to expand our already big enough land. Give the boy the crown already before he gets killed in war, then there won't be anyone after Hatshepsut. Knock some sense into yourself, Egypt!" -Lonelymerchent21 age 50

Fun Facts about Hatshepsut

  • Hatshepsut means 'Foremost of Noble Women'

  • Hatshepsut’s father died when she was only 12 years old!

  • During the marriage of Hatshepsut with Thutmose II they only had a daughter named Neferure

  • Hatshepsut is the longest women to rule (20 years)

  • Hatshepsut wore false beards and dressed as a king to show how powerful she was.

  • Hatshepsut even dropped the female ending from her name “t” and changed it to Hatshepsu

  • Hatshepsut built two obelisks, cut at the Ancient Granite quarry in Aswan and transported them to Karnak Temple. One of the obelisks still stands today.

Interview with Thutmose III

“Hi Thutmose II thank you for joining us today how is your training?”

“Pretty swell as I should say so myself.”

“ That’s great to hear. How is the army doing when it comes to fighting other countries?”

“It is going great, thank you. Well we have not been exposed to being able to fight, but things have been going swell.

“Are things rough on the battlefield?”

“ Well yes of course we are on the battlefield this is very serious because someone can be killed in a quick second.”

“Well that is all of the time we have today but thank you for joining us.”