About Me

Professional English

The Obvious Things

My name is Brianna Freeland and I am in 12th grade. I really don't have one simple genre of music, I listen to basically anything that catches my ears and I find the beat of music just beautiful. I have quite a few favorite television shows but the main television shows I listen to is "The Vampire Diaries", "Supernatural", and "The Walking Dead." I typically don't have a favorite food, the thing about me is that I'm all about food, but I can be picky as well. I would have to say that my favorite type of food would be Tacos.

The Important Things

I can be an easy person but I can be quite difficult at times. What makes me unique? Well, over the past few years I've been making mistakes, I didn't do so well at keeping my grades up and keeping it going (1). Over my years in the high school for my freshman and sophomore year, I did go to summer school because I just kept pushing my grades off. I am a very sarcastic person (2) and I will try my best to be joking all the time, everyday. I am a very quiet person when dealing with large groups of people I may not like (3). At times I might get to stressful to the point I'll project my frustration to others (4). The best thing that would help me and others would be that to leave me alone and let me cool off from what was bothering me. But I am also the kindest person on the planet (5) besides from Victor, he is the most kindest person. I work a good job (6), so if needed after school, I would need to be notified ahead of time. I can be a hard worker (7), I could be a very busy person (8). One major strength of mine would be that I work very well with people I know and get along with and I work good alone too. A weakness of mine would be doing tests. I don't do well with tests. A goal of mine would be that I would like to become a military police officer and then years after being in the military, I would like to branch off to the State Troopers category. My goal is that I would like to be a very successful person, and to actually get the things I would like and need. I would like to be a very happy person after high school.