Of Mice and Men

By: John Steinbeck

Of Mice and Men Flyer

Two men named Lennie and George walk and go down to river to stop and get a drink. Then Lennie scares a girl by grabbing her dress and they run out of a town named Weed. Slim is a big, tall guy who is a skinner. Candy is a swamper who cleans the bunkhouses with his stinky dog.

Of Mice and Men

Chapter 1: Lennie and George get chased out of weed. Lennie scares a girl by grabbing her dress.

Chapter 2: Lennie and George fined a ranch to work at. They meet new people.

Chapter 3: Carlson kills Candy's dog. Lennie brakes Curly's hand.

Chapter 4: Crooks is introduced. Curly's wife makes racial slurs to Crooks.

Of Mice and Men

Weak v Strong: '" Leggo his hand, Lennie. Leggo. Slim, come help me while the guy got any hand left."' Lennie is stronger because he broke Curly's hand. (Pg.64)

Weak v Strong: '" Candy, you can have any one of them pups you want."' (Pg. 48) Candy is weak because his dog was just killed and he's had that dog ever since it was a pup.