Badger Bulletin

Volume 2, Issue 20

Badger Family,

I realize that weeks that are full of testing can make for long days. I appreciate all of your positive attitudes and attention to detail. Next week we will have many guest teachers throughout our building. Please continue to be extra vigilant in the hallway and lend a helping hand to any guest in need. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and a fabulous weekend. I look forward to seeing all of you on Monday!

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Our Week At A Glance

National Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Awareness Week

Monday (2/8)
  • Advisory - Grade Check, Binder Check, WOW
  • Grades Due by 8 am
  • Theater UIL Rehearsal / Cafeteria / 4-6pm
Tuesday (2/9)
  • Advisory -DEAR/PLC
  • Progress Reports Sent Home 2nd Period
  • TELPAS training (see flyer from Ms. Warden)
  • Academic Team Meet / 6th grade vs. Creekview @ Ed Willkie Library / 4:30
  • Theater UIL Rehearsal / Cafeteria / 4-6pm
Wednesday (2/10)
  • Advisory- Reading & Writing STAAR Nugget
  • Science Department GVC's with J. Garcia / AM
Thursday (2/11)
  • Advisory - Lions Quest
  • Theater UIL Rehearsal / Cafeteria / 4-6pm
  • Happy Birthday, Lisa Strine!
  • Happy Birthday, Anthony Valle!
Friday (2/12)
  • Advisory - Planner Check & WOW
  • Theater UIL Rehearsal / Cafeteria / 4-6pm
Sunday (2/14)
  • Happy Valentine's Day!
  • Happy Birthday, Ashley Velasco!
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Badger Business

  • What a wonderful Winter Wonderland Dance we had last week! First I want to thank NJHS and StuCo for organizing, decorating, and hosting a fun evening! Thank you so much to the following staff members who took time to spend a Friday evening with our kids: Cheryl Bonnick, Michael Leary, Emily Staples, Bri Perry, Priscilla Green, Jennifer Smith, Sam Bailey, Waine Bourgeois, Susan Naizer, Amy Huddleston, Katie Munk, Christie Warden, Danny Knowles, Alicia Leone, Heather Crawford, Holly Willis, Stephen Corkill, Michael Payne, and Juan Hermosillo! The kids had an absolute blast!
  • 8th grade hallway teachers - please have mercy on our amazing custodial staff as there are no custodian subs hired at this time and our custodians are pulling double duty as a team to cover this hallway until further notice. We have the best custodians ever!
  • Lions Quest has chosen 2 teachers from our campus to video teaching their students a Lions Quest activity to use for future professional development. Congratulations to Anthony Valle & Jennifer Smith!
  • Our district is preparing a video for Texas Public School Week and Cheryl Bonnick and a class of her students will be videoed being highly engaged!
  • Dr. Barnes, the CTHS prinicpal, will be on campus on Friday, 2/12, to meet with some of our 8th grade students. They will miss 6th period on Friday due to this meeting. We will send you a list as soon as we compile it.
  • Please wish Leanne Jackson well as Friday is her last day and welcome Mr. Richard Cox as her long term guest teacher. Please welcome Lauren Polasek who will serve as the guest teacher in Christy Brewer's room until she returns.

Clink on the link below and enjoy an inspiring video and song!

Benchmark Feedback

  • Great benchmark dress rehearsal, staff! I hope you all felt at ease with the organization and processes that were put in place. Christie works hard to make sure the process is smooth and organized. It is important that you learn from our practice runs so please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.
  • Specific feedback from our benchmark:
  • The directions to put the phones on do not disturb are not quite complete. After you hit change, you have to hit save. Please remember to turn them off of do not disturb after testing is complete.
  • Please remember that you cannot have any food or drinks around testing materials so please do not take your testing basket to the lounge to eat lunch or eat your snack in your testing room. You may lock up your materials in the secure testing room if you are unable to lock your materials in a cabinet in your classroom.
  • Please remember that no cell phones can be used until all testing is complete. Please do not return cell phones until you hear the announcement that testing is over for the day.
  • Please remember that students are not allowed to talk/whisper until all testing is complete for the entire campus.
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Important Upcoming Dates

  • 2/15 - CTHS Ranger Showcase / 6:30 - 8:00 (for current 8th grade students)
  • 2/15 - TELPAS Calibration (see flyer from Ms. Warden)
  • 2/16 - Pre-UIL Choir Contest @ SHS / 7th & 8th Grade / After School
  • 2/17 - Choir Clinic for Advanced Girls / during 6th and 7th period
  • 2/22 - Instructional Rounds- Great volunteer learning opportunity
  • 2/22 - One Act Play Performance for Staff / Cafeteria / 4:30
  • 2/23 - One Act Play Public Performance / Cafeteria / 6:30
  • 2/26 - Early Release @ 12:30 / Campus Professional Development in Library
  • 2/27 - UIL Competition / Creekview / 8:00 am
  • 3/7 - Open House/Showcase 6:00 - 7:30 & Counselors Parent Mtg. 7:30 - 8:00
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Shout Outs!

  • Karen Walters - Thank you for working so hard to ensure that all benchmark documents were scanned immediately after testing was over. This data is so helpful as we continue to move our campus forward!
  • Dawn Reynolds - Thank you for writing a request with Donors Choose and kudos for having 4 tablets fully funded for our students!
  • Corrina Peters, Kayla Bradford, and Michael Payne - Thank you for taking time on your weekend to attend Yak Fest with some of our students!
  • Danny Knowles - Thank you for being such a great team player!
  • Jen Fifer - Thank you for taking care of whatever comes your way with a smile!
  • Christie Warden - Thank you for working so hard on our benchmark testing! It went very smoothly!
  • Rob Moore - Thank you for consistently interacting with students in the hallway and making them feel special!
  • Jennifer Smith - Thank you for being a great personal assistant!
  • Michael Leary - Thank you for teaching a Lions Quest lesson on very short notice!
  • Bob Eikenberry - Thank you for having a whatever it takes attitude and your willingness to record our speaker this week!
  • Jennifer Smith - Thank you for running an Algebra bootcamp during benchmark testing with all of your Algebra students!
  • Corrina Peters - Thank you for always being so flexible when our campus needs to use the library!
  • BJ Kiser - Thank you for being highly communicative!
  • Moe Peressim - Thank you for having a positive attitude and making others laugh!
  • Staff - Thank you for helping us celebrate our 4 amazing counselors this week by encouraging your students to write thank you cards!
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To enter attendance for every class period. Make sure you enter your 2nd period attendance between 9:45 - 10:05. Thank you!

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