Review 360, Diving Deeper

Upcoming Professional Development

Review 360, Diving Deeper, a second training opportunity for you!

Thursday, March 5th, 4:15-7:15pm

PDC, Quad

This is for all staff currently using Review 360 to collect data.

Please bring your laptop.

Pay: District and Tech Optional, Inservice pay for Para's.

Clock Hours available. Must register online 24 hours prior to start date for clock hours.

Course Description

This session will provide a short review, and opportunity to dive deeper into using Review 360 for collecting data, viewing results, and utilizing the information to identify new strategies and influence positive changes in student behaviors. The Review 360 multi-tiered software system will help you improve student behavior in general and/or special education populations by following their 5 step program: track, aggregate, analyze, intervene, and communicate.