4-3-2-1 SMORE!!!!

EIS 2012

Thoughts on my EIS 2012 experience.

It's been a great few months. I've learned a lot and experienced even more.

4 - MVT's (Most Valuable Tips)

1. We have to teach essential vocabulary if kids are going to understand our content.

2. Group work and getting kids moving is key to keeping them engaged.

3. Craft Knowledge is key to keeping students engaged and learning.

4. Don't try to tackle everything at once - work on a few goals at a time.

3 - Images for my experience at EIS 2012

2 - Tips for Future EISers

1. Come in with an open mind - whether a first year teacher or a 15 year vet new to the school - there is always something you can learn. Your classroom is dead if you aren't learning with your students.

2. More time to explore or talk about what is going on in our classrooms.

1 - Big Surprise for the Semester

No matter where you go - you always take a little of your past with you. Kids will be kids and not realize you were telling the truth until years later. Thanks teachers of my past!