Nicole Miller

by Dorian Brown

Personal Statistics

-Born in 1952 in Fort Worth, Texas

-Worked with Rain Cheetahs and Bud Konheim

-Currently creating Fall/Winter designs of 2015

-Degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design and the prestigious Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris

Important Information to Know

Nicole is famous for uniquely combining the ideas of elegance and rebellion and has influenced the 2000’s decade the most because of the celebrities that wear her designs today.

Design Specifications

Use of Colour: bold and eccentric, contrasting

Use of Fabrics: sheer, cotton, wool, leather, felt, cashmere, ardas, chiffon

Use of Silhouettes: form-fitting, hour-glass figure, loose and baggy

Use of Styles: wedding gowns, pencil skirts, crop tops, maxi-dresses, men’s ties

Use of Accessories: buttons, crystals, glitter/shimmer

Nicole Miller’s designs would be classified as Bridge. This is because her clothing designs have fine details with expensive fabrics, a designer label, are the most expensive ready-to-wear, and sold in upscale department store and/or personal salon

Nicole Miller’s label has grown to include outerwear, accessories, cosmetics and home furnishings

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