Gummy Bear

Taste Test


Which brand of Gummy Bears taste the best out of all the Gummy Bear brands. Which are Trolli, Haribo and Great Value.

Gather Information/Research

Some of the brands of Gummy Bears that we used in our taste test were, Trolli, Haribo and Great Value. The main ingredients of Trolli Gummy Bears were corn syrup, sugar, gelatin and citric.


If we we give 130 students Gummy Bears, then they will choose Haribo as the best.


  • 3 packs of Haribo gummy bears
  • 3 packs of Trolli gummy bears
  • 3 packs of great value gummy bears
  • 8 non latex gloves
  • 400 napkins

Step 1 Open bag of gummy bears
Step 2 Open non-latex gloves bag
Step 3 Put on non-latex gloves
Step 4 Take out the gummy of their bag
Step 5 Put three gummy bears on each napkins
Step 6 Put the gummy bears on the napkin on the correct letter
Step 7 Have student taste each brand of gummy bears
Step 8 Then have students fill out google spreadsheet

Observation, Data collection, analyzation

We collected the data on are Google spreadsheet we made.Are data shows that out of 74 people 32 people liked Trolli, 17 liked Haribo and 35 liked Great Value


Our group rejected are because our hypothesis if i give students bright and colorful gummy bears they will choose not the dull and ugly colors. And our hypothesis was wrong because great value gummy bears were dull colors. Are errors were that we didn't use are randomizers.