Al Capone

By: Ben Waugh

Early Years For Al Capone

Big Al was born by Gabriel and Teresina Capone on January 17, 1899 in the city of Brooklyn, New York. When he was in school at the age of 14 he had slap one of his teachers and got expelled.

Capones Crimes

St. Valentines Day Massacre

The worst crime committed by Big Al was the St Valentines Massacre. On February 14 1929 Al Capone's gang went after Bugs Moran, Capone's rival. Bugs escaped the massacre and instead Capone's gang killed 5 members of Bugs gang and 2 other people.


Capone was a famous bootlegger he got rich of of this and killed anybody in his path. But his gang accidentally killed Billy McSwiggin a lawyer of Capone.



Al Capone was brought to a state prison for carrying a controlled weapon. Although Al was locked up he ran his business through jail and lived like a king in local prison.


Al lived under the name AZ 87 for the next 11 years and lived in cell b-181 and later named b-201

His final Days


Al Capone was diagnosed with syphilis from all the prostitutes he dealt with. He was skinny because of syphilis.


He died of a disease that was cased by syphilis, bronchopneumonia.


Thats the story of the worlds most famous gangster Big Scar-face Al Capone