Transcontinental Railroad!!!!!!

By: Hollie Burns


Traveling prices went down significantly it went from $1,000 to $150.

You could travel a lot longer and faster rather than traveling town to town!

At first President Abe Lincoln didn't like the original sketches, after a few tries he approved it and they started right away!

They started on May 10, 1869 and it took them six years to complete. They would have to go to the mountains and put gun powder to make a hole for the train tracks inch by inch!

Dangers and Difficulties!

While building Native-Americans would attack and it slowed the pace.

They slowly ran out of labor, so Charles Croker (the guy in charge) hired Chinese workers.

It was awful working conditions in the heat of Sierra Nevada.


The two railroads competing adventuallly was forced to come to a meeting point. This was enforced by President Ulysses S. Grant!