Kindergarten News


Wednesday, November 18th - Fill that truck

Friday, November 20th- Early Dismissal (P-T conferences)

Monday, November 23rd- Early Dismissal (P-T conferences)

Tuesday, November 24th- Early Dismissal

Wednesday, November 25th- Early Dismissal

Thursday & Friday, November 26th/27th- No School (Happy Thanksgiving)

Helping East Trenton Center

Thank you so much for all the boxes/bags of stuffing! The coin wars was a hit also :)

Box Tops

Just a friendly reminder that we are always collecting box tops! Send them in to the class and then the class with the most box tops wins a pizza party at the end of the year!

Sight Words

We have learned these sight words! Have your son/daughter look for them at home or in the environment!

  • a
  • I
  • the
  • and
  • like
  • is

Writer's Workshop

We started writing Personal Narratives! 3 page stories about something that has happened in your life.

Reader's Workshop

This week, we started our new reader's workshop unit. Over the next month or so, we will be talking about story elements: characters, setting, & plot. Feel free to talk about those things at home when you read too!


This week in math, we...

  • Showed numbers using manipulatives and number boards
  • Practiced adding 1 to a number
  • Sorted a variety of materials by attribute into sorting trays
  • Found and cut circles out of magazines and catalogs to make a circle poster (right next to our triangle poster)


Letters of the Week:

  • p-pan-/p/
  • j-jug-/j/

Letters Previously Taught:

  • t-top-/t/
  • b-bat-/b/
  • f-fun-/f/
  • m-man-/m/
  • n-nut-/n/
  • i-itch-/i/
  • u-up-/u/
  • c-cat-/c/
  • o-octopus-/o/
  • a-apple-/a/
  • g-game-/g/
  • d-dog-/d/

  • s-snake-/s/

  • e-Ed-/e/

  • r-rat-/r/

Activities Completed in Class:

1. Echo/Find Letters

2. Sky Write/Letter Formation

3. Student Notebooks

4. Word Sorts

5. Word Play

Mystery Reader

Want to be a Mystery Reader?

Sign up to be a mystery Reader by going to the link above! {it is now on shutterfly}

Mystery Readers are scheduled for Thursdays at 3:00. If this time does not work for you, email me and I can try to work something out!


Whether kindergarteners are just looking at the pictures, pointing out letters, or even identifying words, having books for children to look at is ideal to helping them become a beginning reader AND start to have a love for reading!

Follow the directions below to purchase books. Your purchases will also give our class “points” which I can redeem for books and activities to use in our classroom!


ENTER the class activation code LYXLB

CHOOSE from hundreds of print titles, award winning authors, value packs, and educational games and activities

SUBMIT the order to me, the teacher.

EARN more free books for you and our classroom

Thanks for supporting our classroom library!