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Seasons Greetings!

Good morning everyone!

I apologize for the delay - it's crunch time for shopping, wrapping, and celebrating! I hope you all are enjoying your family and the season this weekend. My family attended The Magic of Christmas at Merrill Auditorium last night and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. I don't know about you all, but just seeing all the lights strung up from town to town makes me giddy.

The Bat Cave was able to enjoy this time of year last week too. Joey was still up to his shenanigans - leaving surprises, challenges, and moving my things all around. We read many holiday stories which included The Gingerbread Boy and The Wild Christmas Reindeer. We learned about facts and opinions. We even compared some of the stories we read.

We had a few visitors to Memorial School this week. The High School choir came and sang Christmas songs to us - and they even let us sing with them too! A second grade classroom had some Native American visitors and they were kind enough to share them with each classroom. We did a little snake dance together - but no fear, there were no real snakes involved....thank god.

We also wrote up a storm! We made holiday cards for Mr. Larson, our librarian. We completed a reindeer project. We also continued our stocking filling. We ended our week with a Kindness Celebration, which included another random act of kindness and The Grinch.


Dec 22nd - PAJAMA DAY/We're Going to the North Pole Day

Dec 22nd - GNG Middle School Chamber Singers serenade Memorial

Dec 23rd to Jan 3rd - NO SCHOOL

Jan 13th - Early Release (Dismissal 1pm)

Jan 14th - Kindergarten works with Outdoor Classroom Staff

Jan 18th - NO SCHOOL - MLK Jr. Day

Jan 22nd - NO SCHOOL

As exciting and crazy this time of the year is for everyone, especially five and six year olds, we had a great week. I'm looking forward to two more days and fun. Tuesday, we are actually headed to the North Pole, so pajamas are required! Kiddos will be home in time for dinner - promise.



OH! PS - Rest Time things will be coming home on Tuesday. Please keep all mats and blankets at home. Our Rest Time will be transitioning to a quiet reading time. Thank you!

Enjoying the Sounds of the Season

The GNGHS Choir came and performed for the whole school this week. They did an amazing job and we enjoyed the performance thoroughly! Some of the songs they sung included Frosty, Rudolph, Joy to the World, Deck the Halls, and a song from Frozen!
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Ella Perreault

Miss Ella Jae Perreault was our super superhero this week. Find out what we learned about this little sweetheart.

Ella has two brother (Chance & Isaac) and zero sisters. Her favorite color is pink. Some of Ella's hobbies include coloring, helping her family, and snowboarding. When she grows up, Ella plans on being a babysitter. Her favorite thing to do in kindergarten helping her teacher. Ella believes she is good at helping people and cooking!

Such a wonderful week Ella!

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Elfcapades Continued...

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Reindeer Galore!

Joey showed up Monday morning with his reindeer antlers and some reindeer friends! He hid all nine of Santa's reindeer around our classroom and then asked us to search the room, write the reindeer's names, and then read the names back to him (to make sure all nine made the trip successfully). Kiddos did a wonderful job helping Joey out - even though Joey's writing isn't the easiest to read!

To keep with the reindeer theme, we read Olive, the Other Reindeer (spoiler alert: Olive isn't a reindeer! She's a dog!) and Jan Brett's The Wild Christmas Reindeer. We then stretched our thinking and looked at how the two stories were similar and they were different.

Another reindeer note. We learned different facts about reindeer. A fact is something that is true for everyone and everything (example: reindeer live in the arctic tundra). We learned about opinions (how someone thinks or feels, which can vary from person to person). An example of an opinion is "Reindeer are way cooler than any other deer". Together as a class, we did a fact and opinion sort, which is tricky, but together we figured it out!

Another Random Act of Kindness

Joey delivered a bunch of candy canes to our classroom and challenged us to spread kindness and smiles around Memorial School. I happened to have some googly eyes (I feel like I have an endless supply of these puppies lately!) and pipe cleaners and we turned our boring candy canes into reindeer (we so had a theme this week!). It was the absolute most sweetest thing watching staff receive this gift - many were so tickled and happy - our superheroes received more smiles and hugs than I think any of us could have expected!
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Our culminating reindeer project involved kiddos creating their own reindeer! Kiddos did such a great job working so hard on this project. It involved a lot of direction following and writing - and never once did anyone give up, complain, or get frustrated! I'm so proud of how far we've come. Take a peek at some of the hard work.
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Native American Visit

Holiday Love for Mr. Larson

Kindness Celebration

Joey overheard my conversations throughout the week about our Kindness Celebration and very sneakily delivered a massive plate of sugar cookies, jars of frosting, and sprinkles. He really didn't tell us what we were supposed to do with the cookies, but he did ask us to put our kindness hats on. In his letter, he told us there were enough for everyone. Being a little confused, the class discussed what this all meant. We threw out thoughts and ideas of what we could do. We decided to hand out cookies around the school and then save and decorate one cookie each for us. The class was so excited to share the love, again, it was heartwarming to watch.

After we delivered kindness, we frosted and sprinkled our cookies and then watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas as we ate our creations!

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Bat Cave got Festive!

Ella and I show off some of our holiday gear on Friday!