Kindergarten Newsletter

Mrs. York's Class


-As the weather gets cooler, please be sure to send appropriate clothes with your child.

-Our Halloween Celebration will take place on Wednesday October 26th. We ask that you send your child to school with their costume as we will have our party in the afternoon. We will help your child get into his/her costume. We will have a parade with the time and location TBD. If you would like to send a snack or drink for our celebration that would be great.

-Thank you to everyone who sent snack in this week!! We really appreciate it!! :)

Important Dates for October

  • 17th-21st- PALS Testing
  • 26th- Halloween Party and Costume Parade
  • 27th- No School
  • 28th- No School

Our Learning and What's to Come...

  • This week we focused on the letter "Nn". We also learned the sight word "me" and "to". During our reading time we also learned about syllables and worked a lot on beginning sounds in words. This week we also worked on building "_at" words. The class did very well with that!
  • Next week we will focus on the letter "Cc" and the sight words "am" and "go". We will continue work on beginning sounds, syllables, and rhyming words.


  • We continue to focus on using the entire line when we write. Often time, we have "floating letters" or our tall letters get squished. The class also worked on trying to sound out "My Pumpkin" all by themselves and did a very nice job with it!
  • Our focus will continue to be on writing letters correctly and adding detail to our pictures.


  • This week we finished up Module 3. We will continue to work on things like Left/Right and number line sequences as the entire class really seemed to struggle with them.
  • Next week we will start Module 4 and look at comparing quantities with "greater than" and "less than"


  • This week we learned about pumpkins. We took a look at their life cycle and the different parts of a pumpkin. We made some pretty cute pumpkins for the hallway and even got to taste test pumpkin cookies and pumpkin seeds!
  • Next week is our PALS Testing. Please see below for more information!


Next week is our PALS Testing. This is more of a screener for me, as a teacher, to see where you child is and what type of things, reading-wise, that I can help them with. We will do this screener in the fall and again in the Spring. It is also done in first and second grade too.

What are we screening?

-beginning sound awareness

-rhyming awareness

-spelling ability

-lowercase letter recognition

-letter sound recognition

-reading ability (pointing to words as they read, telling what the words are..)

-Sight word recognition

What can you do?

-Please try to have your child get plenty of rest and eat a good breakfast in the morning. We will be sure to get snacks in them throughout the day too.

-If your child is sick or not at school for a day or two next week, we will make up their screening the following week. (We are given a 2 week chunk for screening)

How can you see results?

-When screening is all completed, I will send home a very information packed note that will explain how your child did and what things we will continue to work on at school and you can continue working on at home! If you ever have questions, please let me know!