Snapshot of 21st Century Learning

2014 - Term 1 Week 1

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New to Snapshot

Snapshot - Science - Contains resources for a variety of Science topics.

Topics include Plants, Animals, Life Cycle, Food Chains, Energy, Simple Machines, Non Living and Living, Water Cycle, Healthy Eating and many more!

Snapshot - History - Geography. This site is a work in progress.

Topics include Government, Gold Rush, Explorers, Living Lands, Australian Aborigines, First World War, Local Places, My Family, Chinese New Year and more!

The Geography section is unresourced.

I am always looking to add additional resources.

If you would like to share some of your favourites please let me know.


Comprehending - 9 new student activities and 2 Comprehension Shuffle documents.

Reading - A series of structured lessons, teacher modelled activities and student activities by McGraw Hill. Plus, activities on inference, fact and opinion, cause and effect, responding using graphing and many more.

Exploring letters and sentences for K-1 students, very visual and engaging.

Story Telling - Mixed up Fairy Tale prompts, Fractured Fairy Tales, Story Telling unit for Y2-3 and more.

Text Types - 15 online activities to support the teaching of different text types.

Biographies section - engaging online readers - scientists, explorers, world leaders.

Persuasion - 5 new online activities to support the teaching of persuasion.

An Australia Day persuasive lesson activity.

Persuasive stimuli - mobile phones and Pooh Bear Letter.

A series of excellent perusasive lessons from QLD aimed at teaching different persuasive techniques.

Narrative - Many new online activities.

A fantastic Dragon writing resource from Jennifer Newton.

Plus a building descriptive sentences section.

Compare and Contrast activities.

Recounts - 3 new online activities plus a recount writing guide

Informative Writing - Lots of new resources. Online activities to create posters, leaflets, book reports, letters and information reports.

Spelling Grammar - a series of structured lessons from McGraw Hill.

Many new online Grammar activities that are bright and engaging.

Documents from ACARA on the explicit teaching of Grammar and Spelling.

Visual Literacy - Lights Camera Action S3, Visual Ventures Y6, Visual Literacy With Picture Books, Krokotak and Design A Layout.

Multimodal - Clips - Watch then respond to clips using a variety of media.

Writing Den Interactive - A great resource - sentence and paragraphing activities related to topics.

Speaking and Listening - A fantastic rubric created by Merryn Whitfield for composing oral texts. This rubric can be utilised in many forms.

Also role playing masks, excellent free drama resources, a cute Talking Hands idea, 3 BBC clips plus the McGaraw Hill series of lessons, with modelled teacher activities supported with student activities.

Assessment - New additions include NAPLAN Teaching strategies, sample assessments from QLD and the School Centre site, which requires a paid subscription.

The School Centre site provides formative and summative testing, student activities, plus pre and post tests. There are tests for every outcome, in all stages. A 14 day free trial is offered. This site featured in a Yammer thread.


Number - Algebra

New look format with links to AC Lesson activities, plus a few different activities.

Measurement - Geometry - New look format with additional, engaging activities.

Statistics - Probability - New look format with additional, engaging activities.

Jenny's Marvellous Maths Links - Jenny's site provides interactive links to student activities for each Strand of the Syllabus. Created and shared by Jenny Cottle.

Cross Curriculum

Aboriginal Histories and Culture - Calendars galore from a variety of Indigenous groups.

Lots of engaging online books, My Mob sample unit, questions to ask Elders and heaps more.

Asia - Many new resources including an interactive map, a child friendly country profiles site, a link to a fantastic site "Global Education" and a Capitals of Asia interactive.

Sustainability - A few new additions.


Resources - The We Do Foundation provides personal development type animated books and activities.

Healthy Eating activities

Super Hero Quest - Another one of Angel Pusz amazing web quests - Cape Crusaders Rule!

Zeus Land - Created by Shane McMillan - a very creative and engaging unit to teach Government. Stamp The Prime Minister another unique unit by Shane McMillan.

Celebrate Canberra and the Celebrate The Australian Year - Created and shared by Vivian Harris

Chinese New Year

Winter Olympics

Australia Day

New Units

Chris Fraser - S1, 2, 3 units - 14 approximately.

Indigenous People - The Junction PS - Laura Chaffey

Built Environments - Merryn Whitfield

PETA Units

Plus the English Sample Units

Frog Unit by Steph Westwood.

Snapshot Sites

Just incase you have never visited:

Snapshot Authors - Contains links to over 200 authors, book reviews and book trailers. Great resource for book studies, creating digital media, visual literacy and comparing/contrasting.

Snapshot - AC Units - Contains New Curriculum units of work.

If you would like to share one of you New Curriculum units please contact me.

Snapshot - Singing - Contains a few songs from previous ABC Singing Books.

I will be adding songs from Sing 2014 sooooon.

My students always enjoy singing along to the visuals.

Snapshot - Aboriginal Studies - Is your school on Wiradjuri land?

If so, this site maybe useful because it contains my Wiradjuri Language resources - colours, greetings, counting etc.

Next Snapshot Smore Newsletter

My next Smore Newsletter will be in 4 weeks because I will be busy, busy, busy.

During this time I will endeavour to add the occasional great new find. So keep a "look out"!

If you would like to share your units, favourite websites and teaching resources just contact me. Have a terrific Week 1 with your new class.