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What is volleyball

Most people say volleyball is not a sport. In 1990, a special ball was designed just for volleyball. In 1916 an offensive style of passing the ball in a high place to be struck by another player. In 1922, the first YMCA national champs were held in Brooklyn. In 1930 the first two-man beach game was played. In 1937 volleyball association as the official national governing body of the u.s. And that is what made volleyball a sport.

When did volleyball go to the world cup

In 1990 the world league was created. They went to the world cup in 2008 and they beat Russia. They say volleyball is the key to successes.

volleyball fouls

Stepping over the line,

hitting the ball twice,

serving right,

don't pass to the other team,

hitting the net or going over the net.

how to get points on volleyball

In the united states volleyball is played at least once a year at least by 25 million people.

Talking and passing to your team.

Don't let the other team touch the ball.

Only pass to your team.

Don't put your hand on the ball when your teammate has the ball.

How did volleyball become popular with rules

The use of spiking came out in 1974 and made volleyball have rules. Back then people didn't really care about rules because they thought they didn't need rules to play any kind of sport. In 1990 someone didn't use rules and someone got hurt really bad. A year later in 1991 they made it a rule if you don't use they rules right then you cant be on any volleyball team.

Wow lots to learn

in 200 it came 100 years old to play volleyball people loved to play it. People grew to know more about volleyball. For years and years to come this will always be a good sport to play.

Coolest video of the best scoring

Not only the best it shows you how to shoot and score really good and teaches you how to play with your team.