The Caring Community Collaborative


The Mission of the CCC is to develop a seamless, family- driven, culturally-competent, strength-based, public-health-orientated service system that will help children and their families fulfill their potential and live healthier, happier, more hopeful lives that are substance free.

The CCC Serves

  • Infants affected by substances
  • Developmentally disabled or delayed infants
  • Toddlers and preschoolers affected by trauma and/or parental mental health issues
  • Infants born to teen parents
  • Under-sized/pre-term newborns
  • Children born with major medical issues that affect development

Who Works at the CCC?

  • Marjorie Withers- Director
  • Carley Martin-Berry - Assistant Director
  • Christine Laurel- Manager of Media & Projects
  • Chris Rudd- Early Childhood Consultation & Outreach
  • Anneke Waag- Bridging Program Coordinator


  • AMHC
  • Calais Regional Hospital
  • Catholic Charities Maine
  • Child & Family Opportunities
  • Child Development Services
  • Cobscook Community Learning Center
  • community Health and Counseling Services
  • Discovery House
  • Down East Community Hospital
  • Downeast Health services
  • Eastern Maine Medical Center -NICU
  • Eastport Health Care
  • Healthways
  • Indian Township Tribal Government
  • Maine Department of Health & Human Services
  • Maine Families/ family Outreach Services
  • Maine Parent Federation
  • Mano en Mano Neighbors Against Drug Abuse
  • The Next Step Domestic Violence Project
  • Passamaquoddy Health Center
  • Pleasant Point Health Center
  • Stepping Stones Children's Residential Facility
  • Sunrise Economic Council
  • United Way of Eastern Maine
  • University of Maine at a Machias
  • Washington County Council to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Washington County Children's ProgrammingWashington County Community College
  • Washington County Drug Action Team
  • Washington County One Community
  • Washington County Sheriff's Office
  • Wings for Children'sThe Women's Project


The CCC is the recipient of the Project LAUNCH grant for Maine.

Also supported by a number of foundations including the Adams Foundation, Jane's Trust, the Betterment Foundation and has received funding from the Maine Community Foundation.


As an intern I attended Brown Bag Lunches and a Perinatal Addiction Training. I also helped prepare and set up both of these. I helped Christine put together training material for the trainings. I also took inventory of the entire CCC lending library and organized it. This has recently been added as a new program. I also frequently updated and made posts to the CCC website and facebook page.


I have learned a great deal about myself. Before I started this internship I had no idea about what I wanted to do after I was finished with school. I learned that having a job helping people has a lot more to it than I realized. I am extremely glad that I was able to experience what it is like to work in this field. It gave me a lot of insight and it made me sure that I have gone to school for what I wanted and liked. I want to have a career in the mental health field. I also learned that I want to involve myself in our community more than I have in the past. There are so many programs and great services available to our community than I knew of and learning about these was very mind opening. There are things that I can do to be part of the community other than just having a job, and going to school that would help out.