The Lombards

Andrew Katz

Lombard's History

The Lombardi which is plural for Lombard is a Germanic tribe which from the time period of 568 to 774 ruled over a kingdom in Italy once the power vaccuum was opened in Europe. But before this around 1st century AD they were home in Northwest Germany, they had very much fought with the neighbouring tribes as well as the Romans around this time. In the year of 546 a new Lombard dynasty wasmade by Audion, this dynasty had formed the Lombardi into an more imperialistic group other than the tribal type of organization they were used to. After the Byzantine Empire had defeated the Ostrogothic people that were in apart of Italy, the Lombard peoples and moved in to take this open land. Once this new found land was obtained the Lombardi had take most principal cities North of the Po River. The Lombard life was unnoposed for many years until an invasion provoked by the 10 year "rule of the dukes" when dynasty before had no succesor. The invasion by a Frankish-Byzantine alliance, although later reclaimed by the later announced king Authari. Although maybe the Lombardi most famous king Liuprand who at this time made his kingdom very powerful and proper. Liuprand had focused within his own kingdom and less upon foriegn affairs.
Barbarians: The Lombards