Pulling A Few Strings...

by Carolyn Keen ,Alladin Paperbacks,137 page January 1,2003

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Charecter Description

Nancy drew : a blonde teenage sleuth who loves solving mysteries her role is to help a buisness owner named Mimi fix up her museum and puppet theatere before it falls apart. George Fayne: Nancy's best friend and Bess's cousin he role is to help Nancy search for clues. Bess Marvin: Nancy's other best friend who sometimes goes on mysteries with Nancy her role is to help Nancy find the culprit and to confront him or her.... Mimi: a pupeteer who works at a museum,puppet theatre, and a shop her role in the story is to help Nancy and herself to find the culprit and the family tresure. Patrice: Mimi's friend her role in the story is to try to get the family treasure from Mimi at the end she tries to.

Plot summary

The book is about 3 friends who help out a family connected friend fix up her buisness and find out about a family treasure.the books starts with Nancy, George and Bess. in paris they talk for a little while then they go into a museum were they meet Mimi who welcomes them to the place and sadly tells them how it might get closed.The climax starts when a fire happens. Mimi was running her puppet show. George and Nancy noticed smoke then george whispers loud "there's a fire!" Nancy raced up the platform were Bess and Mimi were controlling the marionettes When Nancy told Mimi she dropped her marionette and raced to the phone when Mimi called the fire station, Bess announced to the audience there was an emergancy,the show was over,and that they must leave.She and Mimi helped The audience get out safely George aimed for an fire extinguisher Nancy got a hose from the courtyard garden when Mimi told her there's anothother way to the storage room were the fire was. by the the time they got there fireman had arrived it didnt take so long to put the fire out.

Problems in Paris (Conflict)

The problem is Mimi's buisness is getting sabotage her puppet theatre got on fire,puppets are getting stolen someone is wrecking her buisness just to get an old old family treasure. Nancy helps Mimi find the culprit by finding clues,and investigating the crime scene.Nancy is involved because it is a family buisness so she has to help. Nancy finds the culprit by asking Patrice to deliver a note about treasure To Mimi she and bess hide for a while then jumps out to capture the thief and fount out she was involved with the puppet theft's and the fire.

Title Explanation

The title "No Strings Attached" is important because it talks mainly about Marionetts and puppets which the story is about.it relates to the book because Mimis business is mainly in puppets and marionnetts.And puppets and marionnetts when they get stolen. another tittle example could be "Pulling a Few Stings" because it relates to the puppets getting stolen, Mimi's job and the whole entire story.

Book Review

My opinion of this book would be 9/10 because i loved the mystery, and the suspense and intensity of the story plus i really love paris but the author could have added more drama and a little more detail in the charecters and the story other than that it was a good book totally at the end too.