Jackie Robinson: A baseball legend

By: Brandon Lopez


Jackie Robinson is famous because he was the first African-American baseball player to play in the major leagues. Also, when he came into the major leagues he would be made fun of so he had to face lots of struggles in the major leagues. Jackie Robinson played as a Brooklyn Dodger and didn't really feel welcome. But once the Dodgers started to get in World Series and Jackie broke records he finally felt like he was a part of the team.

Blacks and Whites

In Jackie Robinson's time period blacks were treated less fairly than whites. So he had to face lots of challenges. For example, he would be made fun of all the time and when he played baseball lots of coaches, players, and even teammates would disrespect him. Also, it would be hard to travel for his games and teams would make up excuses so they wouldn't have to play against or with Jackie.

Rachel and Jackie

An important part in Jackie's life was when he married Rachel Isum a nursing student from UCLA. It was important because Jackie and Rachel were very happy together. Also, because Rachel would always be at Jackie's games no matter what even if it was cold or when they had a kid she would always be at Jackie's games. Also, she wouldn't be at just all Jackie's games she would be at pretty much all of Jackie's important moments and Jackie would do the same with her. So they could trust each other and that makes their relationship even better.

Jackie's impact on others lives today

Jackie made a big impact on lots of people from the 1940's and still people now. For example, his action's taught people that you can accomplish almost anything if you try because Jackie wanted to play Major League Baseball really badly. So he tried really hard so that coaches would look beyond his skin color and focus on how good he plays. His action's taught people back then and today. Also, he changed other blacks lives because he allowed coaches to feel comfortable to get blacks on their team. So more blacks that wanted to play got to. Although, somebody could have done the same thing as Jackie it would have been almost impossible because it is hard to play as good as Jackie did and if somebody did and got on a Major League team it would be hard to bring the team to the World Series lots of times and break lots of records.
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Life Lesson

I learned from Jackie Robinson that some people give up when things get to challenging but instead people should never give up. People should never give up because if things get to challenging and you give up you have no chance of doing or getting something but if you try you at least have a chance. For example Jackie dreamed of being a major leaguer but chances were he wasn't going to be a major leaguer because of his skin color but Jackie didn't give up and he kept trying as hard as he could so that meant he had a chance and he succeeded.

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