My Summer Hollidays

Abkhazia, Gagra.

In the summer I was in Abkhazia, Gagra. I was there with my dance team. We participated in the competition and we have received awards, the winners of the first degree for the dance "Paths of memory" and the winners of the third degree for the dance "Rowan". Every day in our free time we went to the sea. I would like to return to Abkhazia again, I liked it very much.

Lake Baikal.

In July we went to the Lake Baikal. As you know it is the deepest lake in the world. The first day we were at the hotel in Irkutsk. Then with our group of "self Tour", we went to the biggest island on lake Baikal, Olkhon island. The water temperature there was a little more than 13 degrees, but we still decided to swim. And we did it. We spent 4 days on the island and goes to a Small sea.There we swam every day, in a water temperature of about 20 degrees.On the way back, to the airport, we spent over 5 hours away.
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