This is all about me

All About meh

Hello I'm Jaymie and I'm Aisan.

1. I'm a pro at chopsticks

2. I have Brown eyes

3. I have 4 people in my family including me

4. I'm Vietnamese

5. I go to Farmbough Road Public school

6. I Like the number "21"

7. My best friends are....Hugh,Lisa and Kyle

8. I'm a person

9. I Have 5 pets. My rabbit Lucky, and my four pet goldfish (Blackey,Goldy,Shiney and Spotty

10. I like Joking around with my friends

11.I like slapping people with bananas and sausages (Not,LOL)

12.I love olives,Mandarins,Cucumber and Lettuce

13.I like The game "Simsfree Play"

14.Im allergic to eggs and peanuts

15.My favourite youtubers are Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye

16.Im not a big fan of Fast food since I barely get any

17.This is just a random fact

19.You didn't notice I missed face 18

20.You just looked to see

21.This is the last fact and you realised I'm only 9 years old right?

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