Tried To Make A Haitian World

Jarrett Osborne's Project over the haiti's

birth names

Baby Doc

  • birth name, Jean Claude
  • born July 03, 1951
  • died on October 04,2014
  • he studied law at the university of Haiti
  • married Michele Bennett
  • he has 2 children, Nicolas and Any
  • 1971-1986
  • he got knocked out of office because of a popular uprising in 1986

Papa Doc

  • Francois Duvalier
  • born April 14,1907
  • died April 21 ,1971
  • graduated from the Haitian National University Medical School
  • married Simone Duvalier in 1939
  • he had 2 daughters and 1 son
  • he ran office from [1956-1971]
  • he had died so he could not run the office

What I learned from this project

What i learned from this project is that in the 1950's Haiti was a very, very poor country and that how these 2 men have used a lot of money from there country. Another thing that i have learned is that you don't trust a man