Canada and South Korea in 2040

2015 Vs 2040

Canadian Immigration (2015 vs. 2040)

In 2015 Canada is more likely to continue with the standard point system, but by (about) 2040 Canada would of had a new immigration policy, "the proposed system".Under this system, employers would play a very important role in searching for candidates and conducting interviews and identifying candidates. All of this is going to happen in order to to match skilled immigrants with unfilled jobs, Ottawa will act as a matchmaker between immigrants who want to move to Canada for work and Canadian employers looking to fill job vacancies.

Canadian Demography (2015 vs. 2040)

Canada in 2015 will register a average annual growth rate (approximately 1%), while the death rate is annually declining. However, Canada's population growth is expected to fall in 2040, mainly because of a decline in natural increase. Today Canada's growth rate is higher than the death rate by at least 60%. But around 2040, deaths are expected to start outnumbering births. From that point forward immigration would be the only growth factor for Canada.

A Look At Population

Canada has 16.8% population over 65, and by 2040 it will have about a 17.4% population over 65. However, south korea has a population of 12.3 over 65 and by 2040 this will decrease to 11.8.